05 Mar 2019

History’s most famous typos

In an age of autocorrect and spell-checker software, you’d think that typos would be a thing of the past. Sadly, even the most eagle-eyed of us have fallen foul to a mis-typed word, an omission, or the occasional keyboard-mashing birth of an entirely new word. For most of us, such

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08 Dec 2018

How To Boost Your Home’s Entertainment Options

If you’re ever getting down about the state of the world, or get to thinking that it would have been better if you’d been born during an earlier era, just remember this: back then, homes sucked! They might have had the essentials you needed in order to stay alive (although

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11 Jul 2018

Online And On-Point: Is Netflix And The Internet More Beneficial Than Education Now?

It’s a topic that is up for discussion in many sectors, the entertainment versus education debate. The way used to be, that the television was, and is still sometimes, considered to be the idiot box, and you got your true education from schools and the real life, but it seems

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25 Jun 2018

Fast Ways To Improve Your Gaming

If you consider yourself something of a gamer, you are probably keen to make sure that you get as much out of it as possible. The truth is that there are many things you can do to improve your gaming, no matter what game you are actually playing, or even

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19 Jun 2018

Game On: How To Get More Out Of Your Gaming Activities

Gaming is now considered a natural part of modern life and is something that is enjoyed by millions of people each day. With so many developments occurring each year, though, the hardest task is finding a way to stay ahead of the curve to maintain maximum enjoyment. Powering up your

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