You Already have Everything You Need To Start A Business

It only takes a quick Google search about startups to see how complex it can be, how expensive it can get and how much you need to go and get your hands on before you can start marching towards the endgame of success. But does it have to be this way? Do you really need to lay down the foundations of a small business before you can start seeing returns or is there a way to utilise what you already have to your advantage?

That’s right. We’re talking about using the everyday things you love and own to good effect. We’re talking about using your possessions and home to get a business off the ground. Yes, we know this sounds bonkers but, with a little splash of ingenuity and some outside-the-box thinking, it is totally achievable.

So, without further ado, here are some little tricks to help you make the most out of what you’ve got and, who knows, maybe see a successful startup rise out of nowhere:

Your Car is More Than Just A Car

The best product is very rarely the one that one that makes the most money. Mmm hmmm. It’s the business that markets themselves the best that always comes out on top, so why not use this little fact as inspiration, head to somewhere like and get your car sign written with your business logo or wrapped in a vinyl that people can’t help but look at. Just think about how much attention you pay to cars that are covered in decals and marketing details. Now imagine how much business you could get from just driving your kids to school in a car that promotes what you do. Exactly.

Use Your Home Address Better

When it comes to looking professional, there are two things customers want to see. They want to see a landline telephone number (rather than just a mobile one) and they want to know where the business is based, geographically. That’s where your home address can play a pretty big role. Record a professional message for your home phones answer machine so that prospective customers will see you in a good light. Not only that, it will make your Google listing more professional too. This is the same for your address. When you put a business listing on Google, you need to supply an address that can be verified. Use your home address. It will work wonders, that’s a promise.

Driveway To Startup Success

A lot of people are making money from their driveways by renting them out to people who need them, whether on a monthly basis because they work locally or to people that are looking for cheap parking near an airport. We’re thinking slightly differently. We’re thinking about using your driveway to store your mobile business on. That’s right. A mobile business. It could be a mobile salon, mobile coffee shop, personal trainer, dog groomer, private tutor, anything. The world has fallen in favour with services that can come to them and work around their schedules, so use this to your favour by using what you already have.

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