Yahoo Are The Latest Victim Of Online Theft, You Could Be Next

As the owner of a business, you have a responsibility to your customers. They will be trusting you with some incredibly sensitive data such as card numbers and bank details. As such, you do need to take security seriously. You can not afford to leave your business open to the possibility of theft or fraud. Both could have severe consequences for your company. Particularly, if it results in losses for your customers rather than you. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep your data and systems safe and secure. If you take these steps, you won’t have any trouble with fraud or theft.

Use Cloud Servers

Web file sharing is often seen as a shady tactic of sending data. Mainly this is because there have been so many high-profile cases of files being stolen or illegally accessed. Apple, Sony, and Yahoo have all had their systems broken into recently. It has led to embarrassment for the large corporations and lack of trust from consumers. You might be thinking if big businesses like this couldn’t protect customer information, what hope do I have. We get that, but there is something to remember here. Every high profile case of data being stolen included mistakes being made by the company. For Apple, the files saved were actually take from deleted sources that weren’t taken care of effectively. But, cloud servers still have issues and extra levels of security should be used like encryptions. Encryptions are a way to encode data so that they are only accessible to the person sending it and the person receiving it. It works on a single closed loop. This makes the information difficult to hack and this type of secure file sharing is your best option. But You have to choose the right service to entrust company files with.

IT Support Experts

We do suggest that you hire experts in IT support. They will be able to monitor your computer systems. By doing this, they can ensure that if there is an issue with a data breach it will be handled quickly and effectively. There should not be any chance that the hacker has the opportunity to steal the files. Not if you have a team monitoring your systems 24/7 at least. IT support teams can be expensive, but they are worth the costs. They are the ultimate security measure for a business who wants to give peace of mind to their customers.

Anti-Virus Software

Even with an IT support team, you should be looking at buying and using the best antivirus software. Look at it this way. You hire an IT support team to check for any hole in the fence around your fortress. But, if you don’t have anti-virus software it doesn’t matter because you’re leaving the front gate wide open. A virus can remain undetected on your systems, cloning files. That’s why you need to make sure you’re running regular checks on your system. Do not make the mistake of leaving the settings on automatic. A virus could go overlooked, and you need to know the signs of a problem.

Anything such as slow processing, glitches or computer crashes should be noted as evidence of a virus. Even if the software says everything is fine, you need to perform a thorough check of your systems.

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