Why You Need To Stop Hiding And Reveal Your Inner Geek

In a time not so long ago, it was best to keep your inner geek completely away from those who associated more with mainstream movements. It just wasn’t considered cool and if you ever wanted to meet someone special then you need to put that part of you in a closet, lock the door, feed the key to your cat and then give that cat away to someone in Albuquerque (unless you lived near Albuquerque).

Nowadays, though, it is totally fine to be a geek. In fact, it is almost encouraged because the term geek has shifted a little. Some would even go as far as saying that embracing your inner geek is good for society, and you.

So, without further ado, here is a list of reason why you should go ahead and embrace your inner geek.

  1. You Can Become An Expert

These days, being a geek is all about knowing more than the average person about a certain topic. That means you can be a geek in almost any walk of life, from soccer to PC gaming to Warhammer. What this does is give you a sense of fulfillment and achievement, and sooner or later your expert knowledge will see you become the go-to person on that topic, and that will give you another sense of fulfillment and achievement. Winning.

  1. You’re Embraced For Being You

Once you have embraced your inner nerd and those around you have become acutely aware of your nerdiness, you will get that warm fuzzy feeling that they have accepted you for you. You can finally go to Albuquerque, find that cat, get your key back and unlock the closet. There will be no more superficial fronts from this day forward because you and your loved ones have embraced you for who you really are.

  1. Make Real Friends

It doesn’t matter how niche your nerd-love is, there are always others out there that share the same passion, and these people can become your friends. Whether you have signed up to an anime service where you get to watch all the best shows coming out of Japan or you are into Star Wars collectibles or old soccer shirts or Warhammer figurines or Pokemon Go or whatever; there are always others that share your love.

  1. It Shows Dedication

Being a geek about something requires a whole new level of dedication and commitment. It is about putting time into learning skills, or growing your knowledge, or doing research so that you know what collectibles are worth money and what is going to lose you capital. This is a good thing because dedication and commitment can be transferred to other areas of life – from work to family. Yeah, being a geek has major benefits to the rest of our existence.

  1. Unparalleled Success.

Bill Gates. What more do you want us to say other than that? Come on. He is the Godfather of geeks and all he did was set super high goals and then dedicated himself to achieving them. It is as simple as that (without being as simple as that).

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