Why You Need a Portable Printer in Your Life

The 21st century is all about doing business anywhere and everywhere. Remote working is becoming the norm in many large companies, more of us are starting our own home-based small businesses than ever before and cloud technology allows us to access documents and online workspaces from anywhere via our laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Portable printers

The upshot of it all is that suddenly, anywhere can be “the office.” But while we have less reliance on paper than we did, say, 20 years ago, there are still times when we need to print off documents, for example to talk over them with clients during meetings. Printing them out before you go is well and good, but if you need to make some changes and print out final versions during the course of the meeting, a mobile printer is exactly what you need.

Anyone who conducts work out in the field will find that a mobile printer soon pays for itself. Sure, you can use shared resources at libraries, hotels and internet cafes, but these will cost money that can soon mount up when they are charging per page. They also present potential security concerns if you are printing confidential documents. Finally, if you are travelling in a remote location, there is no guarantee that there will be a handy internet café close to hand.

Let’s run through some of the aspects you need to consider when choosing the perfect portable printer.

Size matters

If a printer is sitting on your desk at home or work, you are really not too worried about its exact weight and dimensions. If it is tucked into your briefcase or backpack, it suddenly becomes a critical consideration. Generally speaking, there will be a certain trade off between size and functionality, so weigh up, quite literally, what you really need and the amount of space you have in your bag.


If you have bought an inkjet printer recently, you will be aware that you can pick them up super-cheap, but that it almost costs the same amount again to buy new cartridges. Look before you leap, and check the price and availability, as you need to factor these into the overall cost. Bear in mind that online suppliers are invariably cheaper than the high streets, so check their website out for ink cartridge deals.


These days, most printers will work using WiFi or Bluetooth, and that is really the minimum requirement, as the last thing you need is to be messing around with cables. Also check for connectivity with your Apple or Android mobile device, and whether they can connect to cloud apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Speed and performance

In days gone by, portable printers were painfully slow, but the latest models will surprise you. If you are likely to be printing large documents, look for a print speed of at least 10 ppm and you will not go wrong. Similarly, resolution is often on a par with much larger devices, and anything over 300 dpi will provide professional-looking results.

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