Why should you avoid having your Christmas party in the office?

Although it doesn’t seem long since we were enjoying garden parties in the summer, the darker nights are closing in and it’s time to think about Christmas and the office party. Join The Waterfront Hotel, host of Christmas parties 2017, as they present a raft of research which suggests you should take the time to pick an amazing venue for your Christmas party, as opposed to hosting it in your office:

What did people vote the worst Christmas party?

Hungryhouse, a takeaway service, conducted a Crappy Office Party survey to explore opinions on Christmas office parties.

One of the questions asked was: ‘What happened at your Christmas party?’. 30.3% of those who participated in the survey confessed to breaking something — such as a part of the workplace’s furniture — while 16.5% acknowledged that they stole something from the office. 13.6% also responded by saying that they had photocopied their face and another 8.8% admitted to photocopying an inappropriate area of their body.

It is advised that bosses should spend some time and effort in organising their office party. 29.7% of those involved in hungryhouse’s survey complained about their boss providing horrible cheap entertainment, 19.2% grumbled at the choice of DJ, and 17.2% picked up on how they didn’t even bother decorating.

If you are one of the employers that decide to host an office party, don’t be shocked if your employees hang around longer than you’d like. This is because 9.8% of those who participated in hungryhouse’s survey said they were guilty of sleeping at the office once the festivities came to an end, while 9.1% passed out on the office sofa.

What did people vote as their best Christmas party?

When it comes to where employees would prefer to have their Christmas party, it seemed that somewhere away from the office was the most popular choice.

Poptop and FlyResearch carried out their own survey with 1,000 respondents to decide how best to organise a Christmas party. 50% of those asked said that they wanted to celebrate at a dedicated venue, and only 8% said that they wanted it to be held in the office.

When asked what matters most to them about the annual party, 66% said that it was the venue. Having a great venue was also cited as one of the most popular elements of a Christmas party in Lime Venue Portfolio’s What Makes the Perfect Christmas party? study. With that in mind, it is wise to steer away from the safe and easy option of turning the workplace into a party scene for a night and going for something entertaining, exciting and possibly quirky.

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