Why is it important to market your business with the right photography?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old adage and one that is even more relevant in today’s increasingly visual world. With a camera in every pocket and over 300 million photos uploaded daily on Facebook alone, images form an invaluable part of online content.

Pictures are used to drive engagement on the social media platforms and are also a way for a company to promote its products and services. Rich web content contains equal parts of well-written, topical text and visuals that capture the essence of the content.

Ten percent of all photos ever taken by humankind were clicked in the last year. This trend has sustained for the past five years. Image-centric social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are the fastest-growing networks. The following facts are reasons why the right picture is vital for your online business:

Articles with images get 94 percent higher views, while the best-written walls of text go unheeded. You don’t want to lose the potential customer once you have them on your homepage.

Using a photo and a video in a press release raises viewership by over 45 percent.

A company using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram must depend on the power of pictures and videos more than text as these platforms are social spaces, and hard-sell tactics are likely to result in people “unfollowing” you. Your pictures have to do the hard sell.

For an e-commerce site, the quality of the product image is paramount. A full 67 percent of consumers feel that the quality of images is vital while making a purchase decision. Online shopping is no longer a touch and feel experience, and the images have to convey that sense of touch and feel.

How do you put visual content to work for your company’s marketing communication? Editorial stock photos from image portals such as Dreamstime offer high-quality stock images at affordable prices. Dreamstime has over 157,000 contributing photographers and over 17.5 million images to choose from, so you will always find the perfect image for all your picture needs. Dreamstime is the second-largest stock photography image licensing agency in the world.

Marketing is all about communicating the value offered by your product or service. What better way to capture that value than through the spirit of its image? Companies are increasingly sharing content moments while connecting with customers.

Threadless, a company selling T-shirts, often puts up pictures of the warehouse after a large shipment is received. At one go, it tells the viewer to shortly expect new products on the floors, and it is a way to humanize the brand.

As another example, Ford puts up viewer blogs and comments complete with their pictures and videos on its homepage. The casual browser first experiences the strong Ford community even before they view any products, and this simple marketing strategy leverages the power of visual content.

Images and photographs are a vital part of creating engaging online content for your business. By combining powerful images with well-written text, you can attract an ever-increasing number of customers to your site.

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