Why having a business blog can be useful

Many businesses now choose to have a business blog, and there are all sorts of reasons why this is a smart move. For some entrepreneurs, it represents a chance to become a thought leader and build an audience anchored around a specific issue or set of issues – while for others, the aim is simply to bring in new custom. But whatever the reason, there are plenty of overlapping benefits and advantages to setting up a business blog.

Thought leadership

The world of business is a complex one – and no matter what sector you’re in, it’s likely that this is something that you’ve already come across. There’s always a complicated hot button issue that needs explaining: in the mining sector, it might be efficiency, for example, while in the restaurant sector, it might be the impact of sites such as Grubhub. People in these industries are always looking to read more about these issues – and as a business blogger, this presents an opportunity. By blogging on topics affecting your sector, you’re catering to a captive audience who just can’t wait to read what you have to say. Over time, these people may come to trust and respect your opinion enough that they decide to try out your product or service.

New business

Blogs can also be useful for businesses that are still in the user acquisition phase. Every time a major business figure such as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey posts on blogging site Medium, for example, it’s likely that the buzz from that post will lead to readers who aren’t already Twitter users (or, indeed, customers) heading over to the site and signing up. Alternatives are also available. A guest post service is designed to allow businesses that don’t already have access to large pools of potential readers to have blogs posted on larger sites, so that’s another option to consider if audience size is an issue.

Idea development

Blogging is in many ways experimental – and whether it’s a young person blogging through Tumblr or a business posting on LinkedIn, there’s a real sandbox element to some of the best blog posts. For a professional firm, blogging can be a way to develop new ideas. If you think it might be a smart move to open up a new product stream, for example, then you’re likely to be carrying out market research – and writing a blog about your idea is another way to get some feedback on it. Of course, you have to be careful in this regard – as it’s never a good idea to give away your secrets! But if you give it a little thought, post carefully and avoid any sensitive information, then you can quickly find a formula for developing ideas online through a blog.

A business blog is a great idea, and if it’s an asset that you’ve not already got going, then it’s something that you ought to think about making a priority on your marketing to-do list. Whether you choose to use it as a tool for driving new business or simply as a way to build a thought leadership presence, there are all sorts of reasons to get started in the blogging world if you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner.

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