What Technology is Used in E-Cigs?

With vaping technology now taking a keen hold in the cigarettes industry, technology is advancing further and e-cigs are becoming popular in all households around the world. With all the benefits e-cigs provide, what makes them so popular and, more importantly, what technology is used in the basic vape pen designs?

How Does an E-Cigarette Work?

An e-cigarette heats the chosen nicotine liquid flavor by using an atomizer, which is usually activated by pressing a button on the e-cig. The liquid itself is then converted into a mist or vapor, which is then inhaled by the user as they normally would when smoking a cigarette. The technology used is actually very simple, but the creator, Hon Lik, quickly patented the technology knowing it would take off in the future – and it has benefitted him hugely after he sold the patents for more than $75 million to several businesses worldwide.

What Does a Vapor Consist Of?

Technology is growing rapidly within e-cigs these days and they all have their own features to better the experience. However, e-cigs primarily consist of just three parts – the battery pack (lithium-ion technology), vapor chamber, and the flavored cartridge. Because e-cigs are so easy to develop, it meant businesses around the world quickly took a firm hold of the technology and now manufacture millions of e-cigs and distribute them worldwide.  

Lithium-Ion Technology Helps Trigger the Atomizer

The simple button usually found on e-cigs is where the process starts working; but, without the lithium-ion technology that gives consumers the option to quickly charge their e-cigs, they wouldn’t necessarily be that helpful. Lithium-ion technology is one of the best battery types available today because of the efficiency it provides, and it’s not just e-cigs that are benefitting from it. Look here at some of the massive industries that rely on lithium-ion to thrive.

Atomizers Are Widely Used to Create Vapor

Without an atomizer, e-cigs wouldn’t be able to produce the finely tuned vapor. The atomizer heats up the liquid using a coil powered by the lithium-ion battery, and then it releases the vapor into a chamber that consumers can take advantage of.

Hundreds of Companies Now Develop Unique Features

E-cigs now come with a variety of features, unless you’re one of those that just want to take advantage of the basics that e-cigs provide. Businesses like Auster now offer subscription services so consumers have access to various styles and designs to better suit their needs. It means that vape pens are now developed differently and new features are quickly coming into play to improve the overall smoking experience.

The inventor of e-cigs, Hon Lik, is a retired 65-year old pharmacist. He realized there was a market for electronic cigarettes and it’s thanks to him so many businesses now have access to the simple technology that powers e-cigs around the world. Technology is growing even further within the e-cig industry and soon we could see huge developments in terms of various features to improve the overall vaping experience.

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