What Makes Good Customer Service?

Regardless of your industry or sector, your customers are the crucial elements that help you grow and evolve – and turn over a healthy profit to help you succeed! When you’re an established organization, one which serves a large number of customers daily, you may think you’ve got this customer service thing nailed down pretty well. However, there are always ways to improve the experience each consumer has with your brand, ensuring they will come back to purchase from you again and again. Loyal customers are priceless, but what exactly makes good customer service?  

Treat Every Customer As An Individual

Whether you have 1000 customers or 20,000, a vital element of good customer service is the ability to treat every one as an individual, cater specifically for their needs, address their personal complaint, and make them feel like you truly listen. In the digital world, no longer is generic responses to customer queries and complaints acceptable. Instead, personalization has stepped forward, paving the way for more human interaction, rather than depending on an automated reply. One way to utilize personalization to connect with your customers is to use their name. It sounds simple, but addressing email newsletters with their name can make a big difference in how a customer views your brand. People expect personal touches, and this is an easy but effective way to do so.   

Find Solutions, Not Excuses

When customers approach your company, they want to find a business which listens, one which, instead of making excuses, finds solutions and implements them quickly. For example, if customers complain your website is slow and hard to understand, rather than finding an excuse to why they might feel this way, change what you’re doing. As an e-commerce store, this might mean that you will need to adopt digital solutions to ensure the experience a visitor has on your site is seamless and smooth. Instead of a tricky to use site where customers can’t find what they are looking for, you need to guide them through every step of the journey on your website, helping to find the products easily, navigate to check out, and making the payment simple and quick to use. One such solution is investing in an SAP-based Omnia Contact Centre solution provided by Omnia Ecommerce, which helps you deliver consistent customer experience by implementing a responsive, focused interface.

Talk the Talk

Effective communication isn’t only a skill you need to utilize as an organization with your employees; you also need to ensure every change is communicated to your customers. If you have to change the pricing on a client’s order unexpectedly, tell them first. Don’t leave it for them to have a shock when they receive their invoice. Not only do you need to communicate well with customers, but you also need to do so clearly. Customers value transparency with businesses, so if you are seen as hiding something, they will walk away and go elsewhere. However, it works both ways. If you are clear and honest with customers, they are more likely to mimic your actions when they address you. For example, rather than a customer becoming frustrated and unable to explain their problem, they are more likely to approach the situation calmer, helping you both gain clarity into the issue.

Customer service can make or break a business. It can be the difference between retaining loyal, happy customers, and your organization’s name known for the wrong reasons. Adopt the best customer service practices and continue to learn and grow, and you can help your business to succeed, not fail.

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