What Makes Exceptional Customer Service?

Exceptional customer service is what separates very successful businesses from regular businesses. It is the ability to go above and beyond what customers expect from you. Providing excellent customer service is great for your bottom line, because it means most of your customers will rather spend their money at your business than other businesses.

So, how do you achieve exceptional customer service?

5. Listen To Your Customers And Apply Their Recommendations

This simply means getting feedback from your customers and using the feedback to improve their experience at your business. One of the easiest ways to receive feedback is to have a customer service number they can call to leave feedback. You can get one of these from Contact Customer Services Number (CCSN), who provide customer service and business phone numbers to businesses.

You should also make sure you apply the feedback you receive to your business, which will let the customers know that you really value their opinions.

4. Go Above and Beyond Expectations

As a business owner, you want to let your customers know that you care, so it is always a good idea to go above and beyond what is expected of you whenever possible. For instance, if one of your regular customers needed something from your business, and for some reason, they can’t get to your store. You can send one of your employees to the customer with the product that they needed. This small act of kindness might not seem like much, but the customer will appreciate the fact that you were able to accommodate them and will always return to your business.

3. Do Something Unexpected

As a way to show your customers you appreciate them, you should try doing something unexpected for them every once in a while. What you decide to do depends on what your business is, but you can also do something that isn’t related to your business. For example, if you own a grocery store, you can give away free groceries randomly, or you can have a raffle for your customers and give away a big prize.

2. Go Along with Wacky Requests

This shows your customers that you’re not just about business, and have a fun side as well. It also helps generate some attention for your business, especially in the social media age we are in.

A good example of this is if one of your customers makes a weird request on social media, you should try to fulfill it if it is within reason. By fulfilling the request, you show that you have a good sense of humor, and also generate more brand awareness for your business.

1. Make Exceptional Customer Service Your Business Culture

This means you should stress to your employees the importance of exceptional customer service and let them know you demand exceptional customer service from them. You should a happy environment in your business because if you have happy employees, you’re likely going to have happy customers as well. You should also encourage your employees to thing outside the box when it comes to exceptional customer service and give them some freedom to make choices on how they handle the customers.

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