What Makes A Stand-Out Stand? Making A Great Impression At A Trade Show

Trade shows offer a lot of value for businesses, especially for new businesses looking to tap into local markets. If you’re willing to put in the money and effort to help your business stand out at a trade show, you could reap the benefits.

Make your stand stand-out with these top tips for making an impression at a trade show.

Design an eye-catching stand

You’ll be faced with a lot of competition at a trade show, not just from businesses in the same industry but every business with a presence. To help your stand get noticed among the crowds, you’re going to need an eye-catching design. Consider the impression you want your stand to give and what you want it to say about your business. Everything from the seating layout to the banner placement is important, so make sure your stand is anything but ordinary to make sure you stand out.

Bring your best talkers

One of the reasons to attend a trade show is to talk to people. If you bring staff who are shy and reluctant, you’re not going to leave a good impression. Bring along your most passionate staff to big up your business and get talking. Armed with corporate uniforms, colourful name badges and a lot of enthusiasm, you’ll be ready to greet the crowds and show them what your business is all about. Be friendly and welcoming and get on your feet ready to grab people as they’re walking past.

Hand out good freebies

Freebies are an important prize in the trade show game, giving people a reason to visit your stand and start a conversation. News of good freebies will spread through a trade show like wildfire, so make sure you pick some good swag to hand out. If you’ve got a budget for it, USB sticks, water bottles and travel mugs make useful, desirable freebies, or you could try branded sweets or other edible items to help people remember you. Take a look at some cool giveaway ideas to help your stand make an impact.

Walk around

While it’s tempting to stay at your stand for the whole day, you could find that you make a better impression by taking the time to walk around the show too. Talk to other stand holders who might be interested in your services and speak to people as they’re milling around to make the most of your time at the show. Trade shows can be long and tiring, so a walk around now and again will help you pass the time and keep your energy up.

Whatever industry you work in, it’s worth taking a look at relevant trade shows to see if they could offer value to your business. Visit one as an attendee first to get some ideas and to discover what they’re all about. Making the right impression at a trade show can provide a real boost to your business, so make sure you make the a great impression with your stand-out stand.

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