What Does Your Reception Area Say About Your Business

As soon as a client walks through your reception door, they’re going to make an instant judgement of you and your business. So if you’re keen to create a positive impression, it’s vital that you put some careful thought into this particular area. To help you suss out if your reception area is as good as it can be, here are three questions you should ask yourself first.

Does it make the right first impression?

First impressions mean everything, so to ensure that you get off to a good start with those who come into contact with your business, it’s crucial that you make sure your reception area makes a positive impact. The good news is, there are a number of simple ways you can achieve this. For example, the design and layout of your reception can reveal a lot about you as a business. By ensuring that the area is clean, neat and tidy, you can give off a professional vibe, while getting the lighting spot on will help you create a warm, friendly and inviting environment. You should also kit out the area with high-quality seating so that your visitors feel comfortable and at ease while they wait. Instead of opting for regular reception style seating, you could go one step further and opt for more luxurious models like boardroom chairs. Perfecting the look and feel of your reception is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone who walks through the door.

Does it represent your identity?

Since it’s the first port of call for anyone who might visit your premises, it’s crucial that your reception area firmly represents your company’s identity. Failing to achieve this could leave your visitors feeling confused, uncertain that they’ve come to the right place and possibly underwhelmed by the lack of thought that’s gone into this area. Although you can make an effort to fix your business’ name and logo above the door and decorate using your corporate colours, there are a number of more inventive ways to make sure your entrance makes a bold statement on arrival. For example, if your company manufactures a certain product, why not showcase this in a display unit? You could also place a variety of literature on a table for people to read while they wait, such as leaflets and brochures about your business. If you’re proud of your company and what it stands for, don’t be afraid to make this known in your reception area.

Is it functional?

It could be said that your reception has one main function – to act as a place for visitors to report to upon their arrival. Ideally, the space should feature a reception desk that’s positioned in such a way that, as soon as a guest enters the building, they know exactly where to head to. You should make sure that you have a trained and knowledgeable receptionist to help your visitors, and that you have a comfortable, spacious area for them to sit and wait in.

There’s no denying your reception space can reveal a lot about your firm, so it’s worth thinking about how you can fine tune and improve this part of your office.

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