What Can You Do with an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

If you are still looking for a major, you may be considering an interdisciplinary studies degree. While this degree allows students to take a variety of classes from varied disciplines and an interdisciplinary studies salary can be good, some students worry about being able to find a career with such a broad major. But, there are tons of opportunities out there for graduates. Here are some of the career choices you could qualify for.


As media changes from print format to online, journalism jobs are changing rapidly. Interdisciplinary studies often emphasize writing, but the course also provides you with a strong knowledge base of business, computer science, and other fields. If you need to be flexible in your career, you’ll have the solid knowledge base that you need.


This is a field which requires not only a knowledge of history but also social sciences and psychology. Archaeologists look at physical findings in order to learn new information about populations throughout history. Although traditional archaeology programs exist, you can also take part in an interdisciplinary program that will fill compliment this major really. You’ll have a better comprehension of human behavior, which will be good for developing critical thinking skills.

Political Science

While you can major in political science, you may not get all of the knowledge you need by just majoring in that area. Since political scientists work to understand and predict the political situations throughout the world, you can benefit from taking classes in law, communications, history, and political science to form a well-rounded educational basis for your career. Keep in mind that not all careers in this field pay the same though. You can research interdisciplinary studies salary for this area or any others to find out your earning potential.

Public Relations Specialists

PR reps have excellent organizational skills and are great public speakers. If this describes you, then you may want to consider this career choice. Often, these professionals work in PR companies, marketing, or advertising. They help the public learn about new concepts and products. With an interdisciplinary studies major, you can fill out a degree with classes in marketing, business, communications, and other topics, to be competitive in the job market.

College Professor

If you have a passion for teaching, then this major can be the right choice for you. Although you might initially think that you’d want to major in the field where you’ll be teaching, interdisciplinary programs often provide you with a better idea of how topics relate to each other. For example, a history professor will also take classes in sociology and religion to help him become a more rounded teacher. Elementary school teachers will also benefit from interdisciplinary programs since they are so fluid and allow them to teach many fields.


As you can see, there are tons of great career options available for those graduating with interdisciplinary studies as your major. Make sure you take a closer look at all these options and pick one that fits your profile the best.

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