Wedding Gifts: Top 5 ideas

Buying a wedding gift can be a particularly stressful occasion. More so now than perhaps in the previous generation in which fewer couples lived together before entering into wedlock, we are now restricted in our options. In the past the safe choice would have been the likes of a Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, or a Breville Smoothie Maker — but realistically, they’ll already have gotten that, so let’s go back to the drawing board.

Newlyweds throughout the country are going to be able to make use of a wad of notes ahead of cymbal banging monkey. Despite the fact the cost of a UK wedding is down 1.3 per cent from 2018, couples still spend an average of £17,674 on their big day. So, we’ll get the cash present out of the way first — realistically, they won’t be any less appreciative. Just remember to include a note, as an envelope of cash can be a fairly confusing concept. Pen something to the effect of, “From Derek and Deirdre — put this towards your honeymoon.”

Although, showing them, we’ve put consideration into their present can be far better. Therefore, in typical Postman Pat fashion we run through our five favourite favours you can deliver to the bridge and groom on their big day in 2019.


You might not be the best man or bridesmaid, but we can guarantee that you will become an instant favourite, particularly if you see the hoovering being an issue for the newly married couple. Roomba, the iRobot, is controlled from your smart phone and takes all the effort out of cleaning. Simply tap the button on the app and the robot gets to work hoovering the house. No mess, no problem.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home work alongside the innovative technology. If you don’t think Roomba is cleaning the floors to the standard you usually would, then all you have to do is speak up.


Joanna Miller, owner of Bespoke Verse, knows all about wedding presents and getting the right one. On her own wedding day, Joanna made a speech that knocked the audience for six. Now, she runs a studio that designs personalised poems for special occasions. She mentions how the traditional toaster is out the window, with many people “opting to tailor gifts to the individual or couple.” Art canvas printing us one way of standing out.

Either cohabitation is just around the corner, or a couple, as we’ve already mentioned, will have moved in together prior to the wedding. If so, a canvas print including a romantic verse could find itself taking pride of place on their living room wall. However, if you’re seen as a bit of a joker and mushy heartfelt stuff isn’t your jam, go for a comedy verse, along the lines of ‘what is marriage?’

A day out

We all get a little bit down when we return from holiday, why wouldn’t we? But, honeymoon blues on the other hand are a significantly enhanced feeling. After a couple gets engaged, their entire life revolves around wedding planning. All their spare time is consumed organising events with friends and family. Then the stress of the wedding day passes, and they set off on honeymoon for that much needed period of relaxation. However, once the holiday ends, and they land back on British soil then they can hit an anti-climax, with life seeming a little too quiet.  

A gin jaunt

Gin tours are on of the most popular gift ideas in 2019! Struggling to grasp the concept? Effectively, you’re going to be sending your friends or loved ones on a pub crawl — with a bit of education thrown into the goblet for good mix. Although the gin generation is booming, we know the craft beer revolution is driving the UK market at the moment, and similarly, ale tasting tours are likely to help you top the bill on wedding present list.

Vouchers for these events can be picked up for around £50 per head.

Food tours

Perhaps your friends aren’t gin or ales fans, or alternatively they got enough alcohol on the honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be on hand to provide them with an experience that they aren’t going to forget. The Bristol Food Tour is a perfect wedding gift if the bride and groom have access to the West Country. Make your way around the city on bicycles, stopping at various destinations for small touches of culinary excellence — all al fresco of course.

The ale, food, and gin tours are available throughout the UK, all around a similar price, and most running all year round.

Still stuck?

Do you have a Rachel Green from Friends in your life, who has an addiction to exchanging your well thought out gifts for store credit? If you do, don’t worry, we’ve encountered those people before, and we’ve an ace or four up our sleeves.


They have just come back from their honeymoon, so there is no way to tick off (or scratch) where they’ve been. This is the ideal present for the travellers in your life.


Maybe they have everything they might need now, but, what if five years down the line, they were to open a little bit of history? Put something sentimental inside a box, seal it, and leave the married couple a set of strict instructions not to open the box — or keep the key yourself.


Brewed with love, understandably, this present might not last long, but most drinks companies are offering up the option to print labels that can personalise your friends favourite drink.

Hidden message

Hidden message bracelets are the latest craze available from a host of jewellers. Specially engraved, get a message which only you and they will ever see. Okay, the bride and groom already having their wedding bands, but this quirky gift idea is perhaps a far more romantic option.

Pick me up

If you can already predict the pitter patter of tiny feet occurring soon, this kitchen appliance could be essential. Although at first it may not seem like it, a coffee machine can become a necessary commodity in every newly married couples house. Help Mr & Mrs step out of the dark ages and into a caffeine-fuelled colosseum.

So, you don’t need to be concerned about struggling for ideas anymore, simply pick one of our top five, or alternatively pair ideas up and voila!

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