VPN Router for home – Important feature it must have

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is something which every common man is aware about but majority of them do not use it. But the truth is that VPN is as important as your internet connection.

Let us first understand the right concept of VPN:

VPN can be simply understood by saying that it is a group of computers with separate and distinct network linked together over a public network, which is the internet. VPN’s are used by businesses and individuals alike where businesses use it to connect to remote datacenters and individuals use it for accessing other Local Area Networks (LAN) and it also forms a way of securing and encrypting their activities while using a public network that cannot be trusted.

How does it work to keep your data safe?

When you first connect to a VPN you have to start by launching a VPN client on your computer or it can also be done by clicking on a link on a special website where you can use your credentials to log onto it. Once you are logged in you will have to exchange the trusted keys with the server and once authenticity is established your complete internet connection becomes encrypted and secured. So the basic and most important feature of using a VPN is that you can be sure that all your activities as well as data transfers are perfectly safe from eavesdroppers and prying eyes.

It goes without saying that before buying VPN router for home use you must have gone through innumerable wireless router reviews but it can still be overwhelming hence confusing which one to buy. Here are a few features which a VPN router must possess to be the best for all your safe and secure internet needs:

  • Protocol:

You will encounter various terms while you research for a VPN like SSL/TLS or what is also known as the open VPN support, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP etc. If you are to consult an expert to ask what to look for with relations to protocol in a VPN then you will know that SSL is used by maximum people who use VPN. But according to them most of the above mentioned protocols are not seen or known to the user anyways so it does not matter. You just have to make sure that your VPN is enabled with all the above protocols for a smoother and more secure use of the internet.

  • Exit and corporate locations:

The corporate and the exit locations of your VPN are important things to consider when deciding on the right VPN for your use but you also have to consider for what purpose is your VPN going to be used. If you are looking to gain access to live TV in a different country and looking to bypass the local restriction then you will just have to make sure that your VPN providers also has servers in that particular country. All said and done, it is important to make sure that your VPN provider has servers in different and various locations or at least in the locations you are interested in.

  • Access or logging in policies of the provider:

It is true that having a VPN can make your communication and all the activities absolutely safe and secure but it is also true that your provider or its operator can easily access all the information and data just by logging on to your VPN connection. This can be bothersome for some and if it is so make sure you have talked it over with your provider and are aware of its logging policies before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Features regarding anti-malware and anti-spyware:

Using VPN makes your data safe and secure but you are still vulnerable to hackers and spyapp users. Hence you should be doubly sure about your downloads and make use of HTTPS as much as possible. It is usually seen that VPN service providers for cell phones make the use of anti-malware scanners to be sure that the client is not downloading Trojans or some or the other form of viruses.

  • Devices usability:

When you are investing in a good VPN you will want it to be able to connect with all your enabled devices like your desktop, laptops, pads and tablets as well as your smartphones. Make sure to confirm with your provider about its device compatibility so that you do not have to use two VPN’s for connecting with your different devices.

  • Price:

Most VPN providers provide free as well as paid services. Before you decide upon the VPN provider be sure to read the user agreement clearly to know what are paid as well as free services so that you can know what is the price you are paying and for what services.

The right mix of features and price make up a good VPN but you must also beware of VPN’s who show off themselves a good whereas they are not.

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