Using Technology to Keep an Eye on Your Children

When it comes to protecting your child, you will no doubt do anything that it takes to do just that. Yet with the way that technology has become more sophisticated and prevalent in society, people – including kids – can keep certain things a secret. Plus, these are the type of secrets that could be harmful towards their wellbeing.

However, technology is a double-edged sword when it comes to the security of your child. While they might use it in an unsafe manner, you have the opportunity to use it to defend them against threats. There are numerous threats to watch out for, from believing they are watching inappropriate videos to the possibility of them being groomed.

So if you want to move forward with closely inspecting what they’re doing, read on to learn how technology can help make it easy.

Monitor a computer remotely

First things first, let’s start with arguably the most effective way to check on a child – assuming they use a computer of course. That method is monitoring a computer remotely. By remotely, that means you use your own computer to watch and record whatever activity is happening on the computer you’re inspecting.

In fact, with the best system in this field, you have the ability to gain access to their social media accounts. Plus if you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you know how much of a goldmine they can be in terms of storing information. Furthermore, you also have the power to access their computer and do what is needed to gain the knowledge you are searching for.

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Using mobile apps

Everyone uses a smartphone these days – including kids – and they might well have the clues you’re looking for when trying to piece together whatever issue you are trying to resolve. You can also use helpful apps in your effort to gain the truth. For one example, Find My Friends can help you keep tabs on where someone is located. Although unless you are willing to dig into the phone of the person you suspect, the information you find might be limited.

Hidden recording devices

If you have watched one too many spy movies, this step will most likely appeal to your tastes. From specialist stores and websites, you have the ability to buy sophisticated hidden devices for recording video and audio. These devices can be fashioned into the likes of a voice-activated clock, plug socket and smoke alarm – ensuring that it is highly unlikely that they will be detected when in use.

The one sizeable downfall is that buying the better equipment on the market will set your finances back quite a bit – especially when compared to the other methods already mentioned. In addition, you might need to spy in more than just your own house, and you might not feel comfortable carrying spying devices on yourself – or planting them in other locations – in the effort to learn more about your child.  

The best way to keep you child safe online is of course to educate them. Spend time developing an honest and open relationship with them and most importantly, remember that respect is a two-way street.


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