Unique Valentine’s Day Date Idea

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the year because it is the day that couples show their love and affection for their significant others. Over the years, the day has been spent going out to romantic dinners and spending money on gifts like chocolates and flowers.

This year, why not try something different? Like axe throwing!

If you’ve never heard of Bad Axe Throwing, it is one of the fastest growing recreation & entertainment companies in Canada, with over 10 locations.

Professionally trained axe throwing coaches  will teach you how to properly throw an axe so you and your date can sharpen up your skills before playing some fun games & challenges.

For those that want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget, Bad Axe Throwing is very reasonably priced and have walk-in availability in their Toronto venue.

Bad Axe Throwing allows customers to bring their snacks and beverages, which means you can still have a romantic dinner while on your date. Bonus points for catering in her favourite food!

The recreational sport of axe throwing is generally more fun with larger groups so they encourage you to bring other couples with you and celebrate Valentine’s Day as a group. If you don’t have a date, there is no reason to be alone. You can also book Bad Axe Throwing for a singles party, and invite all your single friends to celebrate the day with you, which is definitely more fun than sitting around the house alone.

To go Axe Throwing in Toronto on Valentine’s Day, please check out the Bad Axe Throwing’s website for walk-in times and booking availability.

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