Twits on Twitter: The Biggest Social Media Fails of 2017!

It’s always worth checking out social media fails from businesses and important figures, because they can teach us how not to use social media. If you’re running a business account, then these fails of 2017 have very important lessons to teach you!

McDonald’s and IHOP

The mistake: Either expression anger-producing political opinions then claiming their Twitters were hacked, or legitimately being hacked. The McDonald’s account tweeted an abusive message towards Donald Trump; the IHOP account retweeted a message claiming that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “garbage”.

The lesson: If you’re running a company that serves a product to a lot of people all across the political spectrum, then it’s probably best you don’t do something that will alienate half (or more) of your fanbase, regardless of how right or wrong you may be.

Of course, we could believe that their accounts were actually hacked (although these “oh no we got hacked!!!” line is rarely met with credulity, and for good reason). If this was the case, then their cybersecurity measures were weaker than they should have been. Anyone running a business must have their cybersecurity in order. Make sure you work with a cybersecurity expert, such as a graduate in such a course from the likes of Maryville University, to keep your social media accounts protected.

Donald Trump

The mistake(s): Numerous spelling errors of pretty basic words, sent out to tens of millions of followers; brazen discussion of things that are probably best kept secret; insulting celebrities and organizations that disagree with him on any issue.

The lesson: Trump actually used social media to great effect over the last couple of years, and it undoubtedly helped him get to the Oval Office in January. But once in the Oval Office, it would perhaps have been prudent to calm down a little on the social media front. Even his most loyal fans cringe at his Twitter antics, as entertaining as they can be. He isn’t going to lose his job over his social media actions anytime soon, regardless of how many liberals seem to believe he’ll be impeached and imprisoned for them soon enough.

But if you’ve just become the lowercase-p president of an institution, then you probably won’t be extended the same privileges. Getting too personal and clumsy about things on social media when you’re in a position of power is probably not going to be great if you’re looking to, y’know, keep your job.

Pretty much the entire media

The mistake: Spreading the ever-dreaded “fake news”.

The lesson: There’s one thing news organizations on both the left and right have in common: they’re both contributing to the spread of “fake news”, the new villain of the Internet age that people are suddenly extremely concerned about, despite it having always been a problem. It happens because people are so eager to make their opinions known, and to spread anything that confirms their biases.

If you’re running a business – any kind of business (after all, more businesses than ever are tweeting opinions and retweeting news articles!) – that uses social media, then you should be very careful about this sort of thing. Either keep out of it, or take the time to get all the facts. It’s very rare that news stories are ever really factual and complete in under a few days.

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