Track the Global Economy Like a Professional Analyst with These Free Tools and Apps

Whether you are a novice or a trading expert, these free apps and online tools can help you track stocks, commodities, and other aspects of the global economy. These tools can be an excellent learning resource for students, novices, and experts alike.

Financial News

In the modern economy, what happens in one country can have significant impact across the globe, so there is good reason to keep abreast of what’s happening across the world’s economies. For example Paul Scanlon, CEO of Prime Capital in Syndey, Australia, said: “On April 20th – Kaisa, a Shenzen based property developer, finally buckled under $10.5 billion of debt. With an estimated $78.8 billion funnelled into the Chinese property market there are serious concerns defaults will now spread – with direct consequences for the Australian economy.”

With the spread on information via the internet, it’s very easy to keep abreasty of financial news and get expert analyst. Many financial experts (such as Mr Scanlon quoted above, plus many others who can be easily found on Twitter) often publish analysis via blogs and social media. For strictly factual news reporting, sources such as FT and CNN provide extensive coverage.

Stock Market Tools

For Android users, Real-Time Stock Track is one of the most comprehensive stock tracking apps with live quotes, portfolio monitoring, market signals and more. You can set up unlimited notification based alerts and import portfolios from Google and Yahoo! finance. You can also monitor global major indices and currencies.

For iPhone and Android users, Yahoo! Finance has released their own free app to help you stay on top of your stocks. It is one of the highest ranking apps for stocks in the app store and provides some robust features. This app provides you with real time quotes, customize your view and watchlist, and lets you sign into your web portfolio. In addition to tracking stock prices, you can also track currencies, commodities, world indices and more. has created a suite of free online tools that will help you keep track of your stocks. It provides you with the alerts and live quotes as well as a logo ticker and NASDAQ Toolbar. This website will also provide you with annual reports and an easy system to analyze the stocks and compare stock prices. And if you are on the go, there is a free app in the iStore.

If you are looking for a free, easy-to-use website that can help you track all of your investments, Personal Capital is the site that you need. It has a simple dashboard that provides you with a view of all of the information about you finances in one place with charts and reminders. You can even link your Scottrade, Citi or any other accounts so you can have them all in one place. It also allows you track your 401(k) fees, your mutual funds and investments.

Currency Tools

If you are looking to keep track of the world currencies, there is a free app for Android users called Forex Currency Rates. It supports over 140 currencies as well as gold and silver. It has simple navigation, making it perfect for travelers. It has a currency converter as well as a best sell and best buy prices. For an added fee, you can download the faster pro version of the app, which has more chart options and features.

Another currency exchange app for iPhone and Android users is the XE Currency app. This app will let you calculate over 180 countries’ exchange rates as well as provides charts for high and low rates for multiple time frames. The propriety rates are live updated every 60 seconds. This app also has a pro version that has no ads and lets you follow more currency prices at the same time.

Commodities Tools

Tracking commodity prices has never been easier. On the Android, you can download a free app called “Commodities Market Prices.” You can track prices of commodities like energy, grain, metals, livestock, and more in separate sections. Additionally, you can track major commodities exchanges like NYMEX, CMEX, NYB, etc. The app will also provide you with relevant new stories as well as charts full screen charts.

For iPhone and Android users, the Commodity Market Live Price app will keep you on the pulse of the Mcx Markets. You can easily check the markets and stay informed on industry news. You will receive price alerts, real time access to prices, the last trade times, and much more. You will also be able to check historical charts and last trade prices all in real time with no refresh required.

Tracking commodity prices can be daunting, but the interactive MGI’s Commodity Price Index helps you track the prices over time. You can create custom views and analyze each of the markets. This website can help you track the prices changes and the volatility of the market, as well as compare one commodity’s price with another commodity. This website also has a free app for iPhone and Android.

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