Top Tips For Running A Business From Multiple Locations

Many businesses these days are dotted around the country. And it’s not just big corporate companies that are doing it, either. Many smaller businesses run their operations from various locations. It could be a building firm working on multiple projects or a retailer with several stores. But it doesn’t come without its problems – so here are some tips to help you out.

Make a home in the cloud

The cloud is making a lot of business processes easier these days. And for businesses with more than one location it is a blessing. It means that you can tie everything together online, and even run meetings from all your premises. Plus, of course, any staff member who needs something can access helpful information at the drop of the hat. You can use Google Hangouts or Skype for video conferences, collaborate on projects, and many other things. Not only does it help you get things done, but it also gives your employees a greater sense of independence and responsibility.

Focus on your communication

The cloud can help you internally, but what about communication with your customers and the outside world? Things can get messy. You might have clients phoning or writing to different locations expecting to speak to someone in particular. It can be tough to manage, so think about outsourcing to third parties. For mail, try finding a company that can help you by scanning postal mail and sending it to you online. Phone calls can be outsourced to a call center, who will act as your central hub. As long as you are happy with the service, your customers shouldn’t even notice.

Recruit the right personalities

Recruitment is vital for any business, but even more so for companies that have premises all over the country. Personality is key – and for several different reasons. You will need to hire trustworthy people for senior positions, who can speak for you in your absence. Employees will need to be flexible, too, as they could end up having to travel a lot. And, of course, they should be able to enjoy handling the big responsibilities that come with working in a multi-location workplace.

Strengthen the bonds

Another big problem with recruitment is that when people are split up, some might feel like outsiders. It’s a difficult issue and one that you need to address. When people are miles away from each other, it can be hard to impress they are part of the same team. Plus, one location tends to be a ‘hub’ or central office of sorts. It’s important to work hard on keeping in touch with all your employees to keep tabs on their overall happiness. Arrange social events wherever possible and make regular conference calls to keep people in the loop. Again, the cloud can help – so use it to your advantage.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide to managing a business in multiple locations. Feel free to leave some of your own tips and ideas in the comments section below – until next time!

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