Top-Selling Drones Worldwide

Drones are utilized for a variety of reasons, with use starting at the government level and ending at the modern consumer level. So which drones are some of the most popular drones the world over, and why?

DJI Phantom

Drones created by Chinese brand SZ DJI Technology Co. are called Phantoms, and are hailed as “icons of the burgeoning drone era.” The small, four-propeller helicopters are favorited by the likes of Martha Stewart, Jamie Foxx, and Steve Wozniak, are remain popular for capturing aerial footage of extreme sports, fireworks, and natural wonders. The DJI Phantom is considered responsible for “bringing drones to the masses.”

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision + V3.0 Quadcopter is one of the latest models, and offers plenty of fantastic features. Easy to control with lots of safety features, the drone includes extended battery life and a high-quality camera. It’s considered a must for amateur aerial photographers and videographers.

WL Toys V959 Quadcopter

Marketed as a toy, this drone’s built-in camera is easy to adjust so you may enjoy the best angle prior to takeoff. Construction includes carbon fiber for withstanding treetop crashes, while flight time is about 17 minutes.

Top Race 4 Channel Micro Quad

Celebrated as the “smallest quadcopter in the world,” this tiny drone is a mere inch and a half square. Reviewed as having the same capabilities are larger drones, this option is also very affordable.

Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

Likened to props used in sci-fi movies, the Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider features sizable, plastic, wheel-like stabilizers on each side. They allow the drone to keep flying no matter how many times it bumps into walls and ceilings. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and a free app that makes it easy to control the drone from your smartphone.

These are just some of the world’s most popular drones….

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