Top 4 Gadgets in 4 Categories that You Can Buy in 2018

Gadgets have basically changed our lives forever and while blaming technology for everything wrong with our lives is the latest trend these days, the fact remains that without smartphones, laptops and other technological marvels, the standard of modern life would never be as high as it is today. On that note, here are five brilliant gadgets that you can buy right now and make life just a bit (or a lot) better.

Smartphone: Huawei P20 Pro

There’s not always quality in numbers, but that is indeed the situation when it comes to the Huawei P20 Pro. Three rear cameras on the P20 Pro did what dual cameras on the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ failed to do; they outclassed even the mighty Google Pixel 2 XL’s single lens in terms of image quality. The 8mp+20mp+40mp tri-camera setup with 3X optical zoom and amazing lowlight imaging capabilities makes the Huawei P20 Pro the best camera phone to ever be released to date.

Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch

You can argue that it’s more than a year old at this point and the Xbox One X truly is the most powerful console ever released, but this list is about the best gadgets you can buy right now in each category, not a list of the latest hardware. The Nintendo Switch is (arguably) the best console to buy right now because of its portability, versatility, unique arsenal of exclusive games and universal appeal. A lot of people had never touched a Nintendo console after the SNES, but the Switch changed all that when it was selling like hotcakes. If you have not picked one up yet, you should because it’s a gaming experience that just cannot be had on any other system at the moment.

TV: LG OLED 2018 Series

All of the 4K OLED TVs in the series are using the same high-grade OLED panels and that’s what makes recommending this series so easy. Driven by some upgraded processing power and better HDR performance than last year, any of the LG OLED series TVs released in 2018 are a great buy. These are some expensive television sets, especially if you are looking to buy something like the wallpaper TVs in the series, but if you can afford it, there’s nothing better.

Laptop: Gigabyte Aorus X5

Yes, this is a gaming laptop and it is, debatably, also the best laptop in the market right now for the money. Since Windows PCs come in so many categories, it is very hard to choose that one laptop that would be the best in everything because there is no such thing. However, the Gigabyte Aorus X5 comes as close to that as possible by matching price, performance, portability and quality. Despite companies trying to sell consumers their “ultralight and ultrathin” notebooks at exorbitant prices that make no sense once you get over wow factor, a gaming laptop will almost always give you the best performance and will remain relevant for the longest of times, whether you play games regularly on it or not. The Aorus X5 with a GTX 1070 and a beautiful 1080p display isn’t the most powerful gaming laptop, nor is it an engineering marvel (so to speak), but it certainly ticks every box more than enough times to be considered one of the best laptops of the year released so far.

There are of course, a lot of other categories to consider, but there’s not enough scope here to write about them all. Don’t worry though, because at Hardware Secrets, you can find guidance on the best products in every category of gadgets and hardware out there. Just in case what you are looking for does indeed fall within the four categories discussed, you cannot go wrong with these.

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