Tools That’ll Give Your Startup the Boost It Needs

During your time with your business, you’re going to hear about a lot of software that can help your business. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you tremendously, but there’s also a lot of fluff floating around that won’t do your business much good at all.

Let’s take a quick look at the sort of tools your startup really could use. If you’re about to start a business, or expand one by hiring some more employees, then these tools could be essential.

Customer relationship management tools

If you’re interacting with customers, then one of these is highly recommended. You’re going to end up with quite a big backlog of information about all your customers, and that information can help you manage customer interaction to make it more efficient and personable. Customer relationship management software will help you keep all that information stored for easy access whenever a particular customer contacts you or a problem arises that needs a quick resolution.

Human resources software

It’s not just the customers that you need to track with software! The right human resources software can help that department do their job faster and with more transparency. Arranging annual leave and dealing with pay can be made easier. It’s worth noting that these sorts of tools are usually most helpful for medium-sized businesses as opposed to smaller businesses where everyone is within inches of each other!

Team performance tracking

How exactly do you hope to improve the performance of your employees if you’re not tracking their performance properly? A lot of businesses owners think that this task isn’t going to be that difficult. But actually preparing a formal system of monitoring and improving performance is a lot harder than you might think. This is why a lot of business owners are turning to software to enhance team performance.

Project management software

This is another area of business that many business owners underestimate! And it’s not as if any of us go into this thinking that projects are going to be simple. We know they’re going to be complex and that they’ll surprise us with problems and new tasks. But it’s still always a bit more complex than we imagined! So the best thing you can do is streamline the process with the right project management software. There are free web-based solutions like Trello that work very well, but premium software can offer you a lot more useful functions, such as integrated chat.

Content management

Ah, the CMS. Of all the tools that small businesses use, you’ve probably heard the most about content management systems. Trust me when I say that you’re going to want to get a good one for your business. This is what is going to help you manage content for your website in a streamlined and accessible manner. Thankfully, a lot of the best solutions are low-cost or even free. WordPress and Drupal are certainly the most popular for regular business websites, but ecommerce businesses will want to check out software like Magento.

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