Tips on Improving Customer Relations

Your customers matter, and keeping them happy and loyal to your brand should be your company’s utmost goal. In every industry, consumers have many options available to them to consider; therefore, making your company the best, and most welcoming in your field, is vital to your company’s survival. So, how do you improve your company’s relationship with its customers? Consider the below tips.

Improve Your Customer Service

Your customer service team must have the right skills when it comes to managing your customers’ needs. Sometimes, staff become disgruntled, especially those who work on the shop floor; therefore, ensure you are employing the right people.

You should be looking for people who are approachable, friendly, talkative, patient and understanding. You need them to be able to keep calm when difficult customer situations arise, and adapt to each unique customer complaint.

Many retailers will offer rewards to their customer service team, so they have a target to aim. Extra incentives can help keep your customer service team smiling, even through the most challenging of situations.


With today’s technology, there is no reason why you cannot reply to your customers effectively and quickly. Make sure you monitor your social media accounts, so if a question or complaint is made, you can tackle it straight away. You should also ensure your contact information is in a prime location on your website.

When online, make sure you listen more than you post. Of course, social media and email marketing is great for keeping your customers updated by posting amusing Tweets and status’ relating to your personal brand; however, make sure you are actively listening to your customers, so they always feel heard.

For in store, make sure your employees are promoting appropriate gestures. Smile, keep busy, and when approached by a customer, ensure they listen, nod and avoid any body language that says otherwise. That means no crossing of the arms.

Better Your Service

Slow or unhelpful service leads to grumpy customers; therefore, make sure you have strategies, training and technology in place, so these annoyances are limited. To start with, make sure your supply line is efficient; if you cannot provide the products because of faults between your company and your suppliers, then your customers will be affected.

Supplier Portals from sites such as, allows you to provide a better service for your companies; therefore, bettering your customer relations. This is because the Supplier Portal can provide real-time communications and management, as well as alerting you on stock and forecasting future demand. All the above will strengthen your supply line between your suppliers, meaning you can provide a spectacular service for your customers, bettering your customer relations.

However, no matter how hard you try, complaints will be made against your company – it’s how you handle them that matters. Make sure to take responsibility for your actions – be honest, and apologize if your company is at fault. Customers will respect you, and if you give them a discount for causing a nuisance, then they may continue to buy your products or use your services.

Customers are what determines your business’ success. You need to provide a stellar service to ensure your company treats them correctly and keeps them loyal. If you don’t, then they will find your competitor instead.

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