Three Marketing Tools for Your Website

The online world is incredibly connected. Websites have their own social media accounts, where accounts interact with other users, people collaborate, work is shared, and information is digested at lightning speeds. Without knowing how you can use all of the digital tools at your disposal, you cannot expect to reach optimum engagement where it matters most – on your website. Your website, after all, is where you will be selling your product, whether that is content you have made, an actual product, or a service. You need to direct all of your efforts towards enticing people to your site and staying there, and with these top three marketing tools you can.

SEO Marketing

The first tool that you have at your disposal is SEO. The reason why it is the first is because you need to remember to optimize your site for SEO so that search engines know what is on your site and can categorize it correctly. This can help kick-start your page ranking on their search engines, which will, in turn, lead to greater organic reach. To do this, you will need to ensure that your website is well-designed, secure, fast, and that copywriting is optimized. Start first with the design itself. If you have a blog, keep your categorization simple and content formatted for each skimming. If you have a store, hire a professional web development team from to ensure that your store works great and that your website has all the security protocols it needs to ensure safe transactions.

Once you have optimized your site, it is time to focus on your content marketing so that you can improve your off-site SEO and really raise in the page rankings. Of course, if you are in a rush to get to the top of Google, you can always pay for Google AdWords. Without also investing in your SEO, however, you will pay for every click and not see any long-term benefit.

Content Marketing

Content marketing comes in many different formats. You can produce blog posts, infographics, videos, photos, quizzes – they are all valid forms of content, and having a variety of relevant content can help you get the engagement you want. Great content is content that is engaged with, shared to other users, and talked about. The more share-worthy your content, the better. Don’t feel too intimidated, however; keep trying and use analytics to determine which content does best so that you can find the sweet spot.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, you have social media marketing. To be successful on social media and to increase your click-through traffic from your social profiles to your website you will need to put a lot of time and effort. The reason for this is that social media has become increasingly geared towards organic engagement. This means that you can’t just post once in a while and expect decent engagement. You need to be out there talking to your community, asking questions, making friends and engaging with those in your niche. It is the only way to successfully build up an organic community that provides high engagement and repeat business. Combine this with great content marketing, and you have a winning combination.

Every website has three marketing tools available to it. From your SEO marketing to your content marketing, to finally your social media or digital marketing. Only when you combine all three can you successfully optimize your engagement and gain the most traffic and sales.

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