Three Brilliant Ways To Push Your Brand

Building a cohesive and comprehensive brand for a business can be a difficult task – it certainly isn’t as simple as designing a good logo and away you go. But once you’re happy with your company’s brand and you believe your ethos and attitude is properly demonstrated, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Using different media to push your brand is essential, and this is where a good imagination and an eye for marketing really does come in handy. Here are three areas of your business and customer interactions which can really benefit from being heavily branded, which you might never have considered.

Never ignore the internet

We are firmly entrenched in the online era, and for businesses especially, it’s completely unavoidable. Even if your company’s own online presence is minimal, you’ll be on all manner of ratings and recommendations sites, such as Yelp or Tripadvisor. In which case, don’t you think that utilizing the internet to control your own destiny and your own public image is far more useful for controlling how you appear in the public eye? A website and your social media should be chock full of your branding, from your logo to your colour schemes. It’s about creating a cohesive and complete image of your company, before a potential customer even has to interact with you one-on-one. It builds trust, but it also helps to start to cement your branding into their mental associations with the company, and that’s priceless.

Your employees are walking billboards

If you have employees who undertake any customer facing jobs, whether it’s on the shop floor or in an office environment, it’s straightforward to make the most of them, without insisting they wear sandwich boards to work. Whether you employ the use of a company uniform or not, there are other ways to get your employees to display your company’s branding. Branded lanyards with company ID cards are not only great for office security, but they will subconsciously help to solidify your company’s branding in the minds of the customer. If you haven’t got company ID cards, visit to get started. Name badges which also feature the company’s branding are also useful for customer facing employees. It creates an immediate association between the employee and the company, which helps to build client trust subconsciously.

People judge a book by its cover

Finally, whether you’re office or shop-based, customers coming into your business’ realm expect to see branding. Not only is this reassuring, but it’s also a great time for you to start to build subconscious associations between your branding, and positive experiences for your client. So ensure your office follows your company colour scheme, the logo is on all stationary and even on the wall, and make sure your clients have a great time when they visit you.

Branding is an essential part of building up your public image, but also building a trusting relationship between you and potential customers. The more prolific your branding is, the stronger the bond that can be fostered.

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