Things to Consider When Choosing Office Space

So you’re looking for office space? Well, you need to know that that office space in Brentford won’t just the place you go to work, it’s also the first thing visitors to your company will see, so it’s vital that it makes a good impression. It’s also important that it’s a welcoming space so that staff morale and loyalty is kept nice and high.

Here’s what you need to look for and consider when you’re scouting out new premises.

The location

We all hear the phrase “location, location, location,” so many times in our lives that we forget why it’s mentioned so much. It gets so many mentions because it’s vital – not just for homes, but for workplaces too!

Is the neighbourhood nice and safe-looking? Is your office building secure and well-lit? Wherever you are, you need to consider security measures and maybe add a few of your own if you can. What are the neighbours like? Are they competitors? Or are they likely to be helpful to your business?

Then you need to look at amenities; cafes, shops, banks, transport links, bars for after-work drinks… How easy is it for your employees to get to work? As long as you’re pleasing most of your staff, that’s good enough.

The space

There are guidelines and regulations about space allowances for employees, but that’s not all you need to think about. How do you and your staff work? If you have lots of meetings and collaborations, you might want to look at breakout spaces, big kitchens, and maybe a couple of more secluded areas for quiet work or resting.

The price

Look at what other offices in the area cost so you know you’re not getting a bum deal. Once you find a place and price you like, find out exactly what’s included – utilities, repairs, insurance, phones, broadband and so on – and what you’ll be paying for separately. Ask about hidden costs and how likely it is that the rent will rise significantly in the next year or so.

The lease type and how it fits your business

Most landlords want long leases, so make sure you’ll be comfortable in there for a while; if you’re planning to expand, will you have enough room? If you don’t want to pay for additional space, try to find a shorter-term deal in a smaller office.

Post, parking and disabled access

If you have free, easy-to-access parking, you, your staff and your clients will be very grateful! It’s also good to know if your business has its own postal address, or are you sharing it with another enterprise? Disabled access is also a huge bonus if you can find it.

The appearance

Your office has to make the right impression – both inside and outside. Your landlord should deal with maintenance and repairs on an on-going basis, of course, but you should find out how much you can personalise the place. If you can decorate a bit, make your clients your audience, but don’t be too extravagant, and ask staff how they want the place to look and feel.

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