Things Every PC Gamer Should Own

If you enjoy PC gaming, you will need to have all of the tools required to build and maintain your PC. And, of course, you will want the perfect gaming den, and you will need the right attitude too. Plus, you need to be comfortable and healthy. This means that there is a lot that needs to be considered and many ingredients that come together to create the best gaming experience. Below, we take a look at the things that every PC gamer needs to own.

  • Magnetic screwdriver – This is your magic wand! A magnetic screwdriver will make sure you don’t lose important parts or drop screws behind your motherboard. You will save yourself an immeasurable amount of frustration and discomfort by investing in a versatile, high-quality magnetic screwdriver. Frustrated PC builders make mistakes, so don’t underestimate the importance of such a tool.
  • Be prepared for the highs and the lows – As a PC gamer, you are not only going to need equipment to use manually, but you will need the mental tools too. Be prepared for cases of both unexpected failure and victorious strength. You need to learn to adapt, otherwise you will be throwing your gaming equipment off the wall too many times!
  • Electric duster – Dust management is of paramount importance. Dust is the enemy when it comes to the lifespan and the performance of your components. You can simply invest in a disposable duster. However, considering how often you are going to be using your components, it may prove better to go for an electric duster – at least you know that you will never run out.
  • A gaming chair – No doubt, you are going to spend hours and hours on end at your computer, and so you will need a comfortable gaming chair. As these are specific to PC gaming, they are perfectly designed for the optimal experience. Gaming chairs combine neck, back, and arm support, with features such as integrated sound and breathable fabric.
  • Cable ties – You will turn your PC into a hot mess, literally and figuratively, if you do not have good cable management in place. Inside the case, good cable management will keep your components cooler, as it will improve the airflow, and it will make your build look much nicer too. Outside the case, you will reduce the chaos on top of your desk and behind it by managing your cables properly. Coloured ties are great, as they will help you to identify which cables belong to what, i.e. red for audio, and it is also advisable to use hook-and-loop ties instead of single-use plastic zip ties.
  • An incredible monitor – Your gaming performance is going to be incomplete if you do not have the best monitor. Look for monitors that have been designed with gaming in mind, allowing for exceptional viewing angles and visibility to complement what you love.
  • A headset – A necessity for social and competitive gamers alike, a headset is the easiest setup for multiplayer communication. You need a headset that makes your performance fascinating and thrilling. If you suffer from headaches, make sure you choose lightweight equipment. Take the time to read reviews online so you can be sure of the best headset for your needs specifically.
  • A smooth functioning mouse – When you have invested a lot of time and money into creating the perfect gaming setup, it is important to add the perfect finishing touch, which is a smooth functioning mouse. You need a mouse that guarantees longevity and versatility, and is easy to use. Here are some mouses that are great for PC gamers.
  • Spare standoffs and screws – It is always wise to make sure you have spare standoffs and screws around, as there is always the chance that a new component will not come with the right fixtures or you may lose some parts. Also, if you have purchased a second-hand component, these spare screws and standoffs are going to come in very handy.
  • Ergonomic gear – Your gaming setup may be powerful, but it needs to be healthy as well. You should not shrug off how important good ergonomics is; your expensive equipment won’t count for much if it hurts when you use it. The best place to start is with a wrist cushion for your mouse and keyboard. If this still does not feel sufficient, you should think about going for an ergonomic keyboard as well. Your spine will also thank you for choosing an ergonomic gaming chair.
  • A decent mousepad – Do you remember earlier when we mentioned the importance of choosing a premium quality mouse? Well, your mouse is going to be no good to you if you do not have a high-quality mousepad to go with it. Decent mousepads often cost a bit more, but they are well worth it, as they make a very noticeable difference to gamers.
  • Headlamp – You will be shocked by how much of a difference a headlamp can make. PC cases can get cavernous. It does not matter what wattage of bulbs you have hanging from the ceiling, it is rarely good enough to illuminate all of the corners of the inside of your PC. Plus, your arms, head, and hands often occlude the light in any case. This is why a headlamp is recommended, making your life much easier and minimising mistakes.
  • A high-quality microphone – Last but not least, you will need a microphone of the highest standard if you want to enjoy an amazing gaming experience. A good mic is especially important in competitive games; you don’t want to sound like you are transmitting from the moon.


With all of the tools mentioned above, you have everything you need for the perfect gaming experience! Remember, if something feels uncomfortable, frustrating, or difficult, you need to look for a tool or product that can eliminate this, otherwise you are only going to dull your enjoyment. From spare screws and standoffs for adding a new component, to a comfortable gaming chair for ultimate relaxation, you now have an insight into all of the crucial components you could possibly need.

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