These Uber Cool Gadgets Are Sure To Jazz Up Your Life

In today’s modern world, we all know that tech is just getting bigger and better by the day. Not only is the internet bringing us crazy advancements at a higher rate than anything else, new inventions, electronics, and technology are still surpassing themselves too. And with that comes the creation of cool new gadgets that we all get to test and try out. Some of these are super high tech and probably a bit much for everyday life. But then there are those cool new products and inventions that make life easier, better and so much more enjoyable, like these.

Home Hub

We all know that there are lots of automated devices we can add into the home. From thermostats that control the temperature of each room in the house to opening and closing the garage door, these little kits and controllers mean we never have to move again. And now, you can get them all in one place. A smart home hub allows you to control everything from your light switches to your surround sound system all from an app!

Countertop Charger

It’s also super cool that we now have the option to have super cool, borderline futuristic kitchens. At first, they started to look ultra modern and minimalistic and now, they act it too. Not only can you get hobs that are invisible to the eye but can be activated by a button or simply placing your pan down, you can also charge your phone in the exact same way. That right, simply put your phone down on the right spot on the kitchen counter and your phone will charge. Magic!

Battery Powered Bike

The car game is also changing. Not only did manufacturers and scientists start to play around with more efficient fuel options, but they also invented the hybrid. Part electric, part gas operated, they were a crazy invention. And now, we have electric cars (not to mention the self-drive models!). But it doesn’t just stop there; there’s also the option to go for an electric scooter if you need to nip around too. Complete with portable battery, these things are making moving around easier.

Blogger-Worthy Camera

Cameras are nothing new, but the design and technologies behind them are getting slicker and sleeker year after year. Yes, your smartphone camera is getting good, fantastic in fact, but the blogger level cameras out there, like the Olympus Pen, can act like a smartphone camera and DSLR all in one. With interchangeable lenses like a DSLR and inbuilt wifi and the option to use your phone as a remote (and upload pictures to it in an instant), it’s life changing camera equipment.

Shower Speaker

First, there was the option of taking a radio into the shower with you to help waste that time wisely and give you something to sing along with, and now you can have a shower that’s a speaker too. Shower head speakers are crazy cool. Because there is actually a speaker in your shower head that can blast out your tunes for you and still look smooth and sophisticated in your bathroom.

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