The Vlogging Tech You Need To Become The Next Logan Paul

Technology has given us the internet, which has given us this new concept of viral internet entertainers. As of right now, the biggest online entertainer is Ohio-born Logan Paul. He’s the fastest YouTuber to reach ten million subscribers, and his star is continuously rising.

The core way he rose to his fame and success was through daily vlogging, influencing plenty of others to get on-board with this trend. If you’re interested in entering the vlog-life, then you probably dream of being the next Logan Paul. Well, one of the keys to his vlogging success is the quality of video production. So, while you can’t replicate his personality, you can pick up some essential gear to make your vlogs better:

Vlogging Camera

To start things off, you need a vlogging camera. This tends to be a handheld device you can easily carry around and film yourself with. The best vlogging cameras have a flip screen so you can actually watch yourself as you film, ensuring you keep yourself in-frame at all times. The quality needs to be full HD and 60 frames per second too, as there will be a lot of motion involves as you walk around. We mentioned in this article here that DSLR’s are often best for blogging/vlogging. It’s also beneficial if you get a vlogging camera that can attach a GorillaPod to, for added stability. If you don’t know what one of these is it’s essentially a lightweight tripod.

Video Camera

Alongside your vlogging camera, you need to have a bigger, better, video camera too. This is to shoot high-quality scenes or skits when someone else might be filming you. As you can see here, there are lots of options for you to choose from. If you want to achieve the same quality as Logan Paul’s videographer, then 4k is the absolute bare minimum here.


Having a good mic is essential if you want to provide the best sound quality possible. Relying on your camera microphone won’t be good enough, it’s as simple as that. Instead, you need to get one that can attach to your camera, so the viewers don’t see it, but they hear the difference it makes.


One of the things that set Logan Paul’s production apart from other vloggers is his use of drone footage. You need one to give you those sick aerial shots that can set the scene and be great for introducing each vlog. It might be worth going here, just to get some tips on flying a drone before you buy one. This can help you avoid crashing an expensive piece of equipment.

Editing Software

Last but not least you need some good editing software to help bring your vlogs to life. There’s no specific software I can recommend, as everyone has their own tastes. Some prefer Premier Pro, others swear by Final Cut Pro, it’s a divisive topic! All you need is some software that enables you to make good edits and present your vlogs, so they’re fluid and professional. Find what works for you.

Just like that, you have everything you need to become the next Logan Paul. If you beat his record as the fastest YouTuber to ten mil subs, then I expect some form of credit for this post!

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