The Ultimate Gadget Gift List

If there is a significant birthday on the horizon for someone special in your life, you can’t go far wrong in scouring the market for the latest gadgets to source for the birthday boy or girl. While the world of technology and gizmos was once dominated heavily by male testosterone, the influx of female gamers and technological fans has seen an explosion in the types of gadgets available to purchase. Whereas your gadget gift may have been limited to an iPhone, an MP3 player or a tablet in the past, there are now so many more options available for a more original techie gift.

Virtual Reality

Back in the noughties, virtual reality was just starting to take off as a concept that could be utilised for fun. Fast forward a decade or more and VR headsets are in every home across the nation. Synching with your Android or Apple phone has never been simpler. Apps can be downloaded making it simple to pop under the oceans to swim with the fishes or explore the furthest reaches of space for half an hour. The added interaction afforded by consoles means that by wearing a headset and holding a mock gun, you can be out in the Arctic shooting virus laden zombies in an effort to save humankind. Gameplay has become more immersive which can get the heart pumping faster and the brain more engaged with technology. You don’t even need to break the bank to obtain VR with apps downloadable for free and a half decent headset remaining in the two figure price bracket.


Five years ago drones were very elitist and expensive. Nowadays, they have hit the mass market big time with most retail establishments and department stores on the high street taking a foray into drones. Simple rotary powered crafts are relatively cheap to own. The wonderful concept of aerodynamics forms the explanation as to how these crafts work.

They are achingly cool and can make the owner feel like an undercover operative or spy on a surveillance mission. Videographers have even started using these nifty bits of technology to help in their day to day working lives. For the gadget lover who adores learning new skills, attempting to hone your flying capabilities will be a challenge. However, once mastered, you could fly your drone in the park skilfully dodging tree branches, soaring high to capture a bird’s eye view image and you might even be able to practice a few stunts.

Fitness Tracker

You no longer have to make do with a simple watch on your wrist to tell the time. A whole host of wearable fitness trackers will tell you the time, monitor your sleep patterns, your heart rate, the number of calories you’ve burned and even sync up to your phone to answer your calls. The technology is vast and has even entered the well being sphere to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t know what to buy your loved one for their birthday? Use these ideas to inspire your gadget gift giving this year.

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