The Top 3 Reasons Why Bigger Screens on Phones Are Better

Ever since the first Galaxy Note has come out, more of us have been shifting our sights to phones with bigger screens. Not everyone does, but a significant enough number of people prefer bigger screen phones, which is why brands like Samsung and Apple have been releasing “Plus” versions of their flagship phones. This is not just to release something that will lengthen the model’s time under the limelight, it is to satisfy the part of the market who prefer bigger screens.

So for this reason, it is not a surprise that we are all excited to see the newest in the Galaxy line, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that will be available in a few days at Harvey Norman ( and everywhere else around the world. A lot of phones will be released this year like the Apple iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2, HTC 11, Nokia 8, and much more. But Samsung is making quite a stir with its wireless charging, faster performance promised by the Snapdragon 835 and the Exynos 8895, the improved range of the Bluetooth 5.0 and so on.

But you know what is making people giddier? The high definition 6.2-inch dispaly screen is promising. However, if you are on the fence about getting the plus variant of the Galaxy S8, here are some of the benefits of opting for a much bigger smartphone screen.

Bigger battery pack

This is a bit obvious because bigger screens do mean bigger battery packs. But this also means that the battery life of your smartphone is better than the standard sized model. This is important because before the switch to a smartphone, we were spoiled by phones with a battery life that can last for at least three days. So bigger screen phones are one step closer to achieving that, of course, it should be coupled with improving the battery packs that gets crammed in the phones.

Better typing and reading experience

Smartphones are basically like a more portable version of your laptop. Sometimes when we are on the go, we tend to prefer to work more on our phones rather than open our laptops. With a bigger screen, you will definitely not have any problems in terms of opening Excel or Word files you will need to work on. You can even edit the documents easily, you just need to download a couple of apps.

Moreover, if you are a book lover, a bigger screen will enable you to read your e-books better. It is bigger so you do not have to squint or have a hard time looking at the words, which is a flaw of the smaller phones from years ago. You could get a Kindle and still opt for a standard sized phone. But what can be easier than getting a Plus variant of your phone, download the Kindle app, and be able to access all of it from there? It is one less gadget to buy and think about, definitely cost-effective.

High-quality display

Now that you have a bigger screen, you can watch Netflix shows and films with a better colour and detail. Yes, it does not replace the immersive experience of watching it on a big flat screen TV or the cinema, but it can come close because of the high definition display quality. At the same time, this allows you to make a better quality video chatting. You are not going to hurt your head looking at a small screen while you video chat with someone abroad.

Additionally, it allows you to take better pictures. Now you can see details you would not have seen before on smaller screens, have access to more photo controls, and you can have better control on what will be in the photo. It also offers a better gaming experience. Let us face it, sometimes one of the only reasons we use our phones is for Clash of Clans game we have been playing for months, and a bigger screen will make your play better.

So the next time you go phone shopping, consider these and see if a bigger screen phone fits your needs.

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