The great Rivals go head to head once more The iPhone 6s v the Samsung S6

Less than two years ago, Samsung and Apple were engulfed in a titanic two-way battle at the front end of the smartphone market. This is no the longer the case, however, with Samsung having reported an 8% drop in net profit for the second quarter of 2015 while Apple has forged ahead with record breaking sales. Despite this, we can expect this old rivalry to be renewed before Christmas as Apple’s coveted iPhone 6s goes head to head with Samsung’s similar named s6 handset.

The iPhone 6s v the Samsung s6: Which is better?

In many respects, Samsung’s s6 model is being heralded as the device that will revitalise the brand’s fortunes. It is surely one of the most coveted handsets of the calendar year, with a purposeful QHD display, a powerful processor and a number of premium design features. The upcoming iPhone 6s is the one handset that can outshine and ultimately outsell its rival, however, so here are three key criteria that may determine the battle: –

The Design

Historically, Samsung had the edge over Apple when it came to aesthetics and design. Apple has certainly closed the gap in the last 12 months, however, creating a far more even and competitive contest between the two handsets. So while Samsung still holds the edge with its trademark sleek metal frame and glass back, the difference is marginal and the slim metallic design of the iPhone 6s more than holds its own in the market.

The Display

Whenever you compare the market for Talk mobile phones, the display is one the most important selling points. Apple holds a distinct advantage in this respect, as while the iPhone 6s is relatively compact at 4.7-inch there subsequent launch of the 6s Plus will offer a phablet alternative with a 5.5 inch display. This affords choice to users, as the Galaxy s6 comes with a rigid 5.1 inch display that is underpinned by a sharp, 1440 x 2560 resolution.

Power and Performance

Surprisingly, Samsung appear to have stolen a march on Apple with regards to power and performance. This is only on paper; however, as the Galaxy s6 is equipped with a powerful Octa-core Exynos 7420 processor that runs at an impressive 2.1GHz. This compares favourably with Apple’s A9 processor, although this is designed to be 70% at CPU tasks and 90% at graphical reproduction that the alternative in the iPhone 6. Given this and Apple’s capacity for sleek performance, you can expect the iPhone 6s to edge its great rival both in this department and overall.

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