The Gaming Experience: Where Quality Really Does Make A Difference

If you’re a gamer, there’s nothing better than getting in after a longs days work, changing into your comfy clothes, grabbing a beer, turning your PC on, and firing up your game. It really is like a therapy for some people, because they have a way of leaving all their worries and troubles behind for a couple of hours while they enter another world and slay dragons, survive in the forest, or build their own empire.

But what if the experience could be even better? There are certain things that you can buy second hand or cheaper to save you a bit of money. But there are also things where the quality really does make a huge difference in the overall performance.

Here’s a list of where quality trumps cost.

Mouse and keyboard

A lot of inexperienced gamers will stick with the mouse and keyboard that originally came with the PC, but this is a very rookie mistake. Most of the time, even if your PC is classified as a gaming computer, the controllers are pretty basic. So to up your game, you’ll want something speedy to follow your movements as a pose to trailing behind. Quick reflexes are a skill to have, so your mouse and keyboard need to keep up with that otherwise it will tarnish the experience, especially if you encounter glitches.


There are tons and tons of microphones available to buy whether that be through the web or in the gaming stores, so you’re definitely not stuck for choice – but what’s best? One important thing to look at is ease. When you’re in the middle of an action play, you don’t want to have to take yourself out of the game by breaking away from the screen to make sure your mic is standing up correctly. You also don’t want it to take up lots of vital space by cluttering up your workstation. As well as all of that, you want your gaming microphone to catch every little whisper that comes out of your mouth. Something that captures voice and transfers it straight to where you want it to go without any background distractions.


There’s nothing worse than getting cramp through the middle of a game because you’ve been cooped in the same position for two hours straight. Comfort is key. Hardcore gamers will go on playing for hours on end, they only pause for a pee break! That couldn’t be done if you have an uncomfortable chair to sit in. So invest in something that will mold perfectly to your body and offer you a cushion of creativity to sit upon. It may be worth getting something that reclines to give you even more freedom when playing. Some chairs even come with built in speakers and vibrations in the seat to really give you that feeling of being inside the game.

So the bottom line is, paying a little bit extra sometimes really will be worth it. Besides, who can put a price on your therapy… Right?

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