The Dos And Don’ts Of International Shipping

When you start to grow your company and enter into international markets, you will have one main challenge to face: international shipping. You may think that posting to other countries isn’t that difficult – you just need to package the items well and take them to your nearest post office to send them off. However, there are a lot of things to be aware of as you need to make sure all of your items are well-protected and arrive on time.

Is there room for you to improve with your international shipping efforts? Here are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow.

Do Package All Items Correctly

You should spend some time researching the best possible packaging options for your posted items. Otherwise, they could arrive at their destination in a substandard quality. For instance, any fresh or perishable products should be packed with special materials that can keep them chilled for as long as possible. You can now buy bubble wrap that can be chilled and acts as a cool insulation for the product. Similarly, fragile items, such as ornaments, need to be well-packed so that they are less likely to get damaged in transit.

Don’t Ignore Location-Specific Regulations

Every country has certain regulations for items that are exported to it. Some products may be banned in certain countries, for example, and you could get into serious trouble if you are found to be sending them into the country. So, make sure you research the destination’s regulations thoroughly to make sure that you aren’t doing anything illegal that could leave you facing large fines and being prosecuted.

Do Offer A Budget Option

International shipping can be very expensive, and this can often be the main reason why some customers are put off from buying their products from international companies. That’s usually the case even if the product itself is very cheap. So, you should always offer a budget delivery option. Often, this is shipping on container ships, such as the ones from NautiSNP. Even though it will take the item a lot longer to get to its destination compared with shipping via airmail, it can still save your customers a lot of money.

Don’t Incorrectly Label Packages

If you incorrectly label a package, it could cause its delivery to be severely delayed. And that won’t be good news for the customers. In fact, they could be very unhappy about it and could leave your company a very unfavorable review online. So, make sure that there are no mistakes in the address. You should also pay the right postage so that it isn’t held up because the incorrect amount was paid. If you are ever in doubt, you can always ask for advice at your local post office. Some destinations might require you to label the contents on the exterior of the package too because of their importation laws.

If you stick to these dos and don’ts, you should find that little goes wrong with all your international deliveries!

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