The Best Mobile Games You Should Download Today

Mobile phones are like mini computers. We are able to use them to call our friends, take professional photographs and even edit files. But there’s another thing that mobile phones and tablets are great for: games. Open up the app store and you will find a plethora of games available to download, some free and some paid. To really enjoy the best mobile gaming has to offer, here’s a list of some of the gems you’ll find on the app store.

Real Racing 3

If you like Gran Turismo, you will love this game. The graphics are the first thing which set real racing apart from it counterparts. It’s sleek, stunning and a pleasure to play. You can also play multiplayer with your friends, and really feel as if you’re playing on a console. The best part is that it’s free!

The Room

If you enjoy puzzle games, with a little ounce of horror- then the Room is an amazing option for you. It costs £1.99, but if you want a game which keeps you scratching your head for hours, then this is the perfect boredom buster. With beautiful graphics and intricate puzzles, you’ll feel like Sherlock Holmes in no time.

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy have finally released the newest game in the series, and it’s free to download on the app store. Follow Noctis’ journey through Lucis and battle bad guys to try and take control of the world. It will allow you free roaming and plenty of side quests to keep you occupied for hours.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons are probably the most famous family in the world, with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie becoming household names for many across the globe. So, it would only be fair to share the Simpsons Tapped Out on this list. Tapped Out revolves around Homer, who after not paying attention at the plant, causes the town to blow up. The game takes you through as you rebuild Springfield piece by piece, with characters, buildings and even Krustyland theme park available to build. It’s fun, pretty addictive and the events are always fun.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds has become somewhat of a global sensation, with millions around the world opting to slingshot birds at green pigs. There has even been an angry birds movie made in the last few years. It’s safe to say angry birds is one of the most popular games you can download, and it’s easy to see why. The aim is simple: you play as birds and attack pigs in order to get back your stolen eggs. There are a few different angry birds games, but angry birds 2 in particular is impressive. In this game you get to upgrade the power of your birds as you play, giving you more of a sense of progression than the previous ones.

Pokémon Go

Last year when Pokémon Go was first released, the world went into chaos. Within the first few day, there were so many players that Niantic’s servers crashed completely. It has to be the most hyped up game of the past few years, so what’s the big deal? If you watched the show as a child, you may have been enthralled with the different creatures, evolutions and gyms in the world. You may have also played the game on Gameboy back in the day. The Japanese game is the perfect example of a worldwide phenomenon. The idea behind the game is simple; catch Pokémon in the real world. You are encouraged to walk around your local parks and visit your nearest city to catch different types of Pokémon. The game has just got even better, because in the last 2 months Niantic have added legendaries into the code. You can now battle and win Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno and more.

Infinity Blade 3

If you are looking for a game with great graphics, and you have a couple of GB to spare; Infinity Blade is a great fantasy game to play. It was developed for mobile and is an action game with plenty of mythical elements and lots of fighting. If you like the idea of a combat driven action game, then this is perfect for you.

Candy Crush Saga

Finally, there’s no way to make a list of mobile games without mentioning Candy Crush. It’s a match three game which is the ultimate cure for boredom. It features coloured sweets which you have to match together in order to pass each level. Once you’ve tried it you’ll be stuck forever.

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