The Best Home Gadgets for the New Year

2015 is drawing to a swift close and while some of us may be feeling like the year has flown by it’s worth thinking about what you want from 2016 before it starts. One great thing to think about is how you can improve the little things in your life, and since you spend so much time in your home it’s a brilliant place to consider what might just make it a little bit better, and more awesome. That’s exactly why UK Home Buyers have compiled a list of their top 5 favourite home gadget picks for 2016.

  1. Netatmo Welcome

This incredible little security camera is more complex than it may seem at first. Everyone is familiar with the idea of home security technology, but the introduction of smart technology means that this gadget can recognise faces.

Not only will it let you know who has been in your home with a useful timeline, it will also send you a notification if it doesn’t recognise someone wandering around your home. Plus, you can live stream from it at any time.

  1. LG TWIN Wash System

Doing a load of washing has never been particularly fun, until now. This genius gadget introduces a fascinating system in which you can do two loads of washing and drying all at once. That means you can literally split your clothes but still do them all in one wash.

The system includes wifi so you can fill the machine with your clothes and wait until you know you’ll be coming home to get the wash on the go meaning your clothes won’t have to stay damp all day if you’re in a rush. On top of that the machine can notify you when your clothes are ready for the dryer.

  1. Pronto Smart Remote

Everyone hates losing the remote control down the back of the sofa, or even when your pets run off with it. Pronto solves that problem. This brilliant remote system enables your smartphone in a way that uses bluetooth signals and converts them to intelligent infrared.

The system can be used to access your set top box while also enabling you to plan out your viewing through its TV guide function, even letting you add shortcuts to your favourite shows and ones that it think you will love.

  1. Ecovent

This amazing thermostat system means that every room in your home will be the perfect temperature all year round. You can select individual rooms in your house using the app and, by using smart sensors plugged into each room, you can assess and change the temperature.

Being able to have different temperatures in each room is a great thing when you live with others as you aren’t all restricted to one person’s preference. Also you may have different requirements for certain rooms like needing a warmer bathroom in winter mornings so that you don’t freeze when you step out of the shower.

  1. Belkin WeMo

Everyone has had that moment of panic when they leave the house and halfway down the road the question arises “did we shut the windows”. WeMo’s door and window sensor can remove this worry by letting you check your window and door statuses online.

The WeMo products mean that things which used to be a major concern can simply be solved with a quick check of a sensor. For example the Insight by WeMo enables you to check your home cooling system and have it switch off automatically if windows are open. This truly is an example of the internet of things.

Improving your home with some amazing gadgets can really make your life easier and bring some joy to your life through things that may otherwise feel bland. Little gadgets can make a day run smoother and are also great fun to set-up and install in ways that suit you perfectly. Maybe your house isn’t perfect, and while selling is a great option especially when you consult a property expert, making small changes can really help as well until you have decided where you want to be. Hopefully 2016 will bring some more amazing gadgets to make life even sweeter.

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