The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Smartphone and Mobile Apps have revolutionized the communication world. They have also become a dire necessity to small and large businesses, and no business can hope to survive in this digital world if they don’t adapt to mobile technology. According to the research report of The Radicati Group, Inc, a Technology Market Research Firm, the number of worldwide mobile users will be 6 billion in 2017, and will rise to 6.2 billion by 2018. Nearly 84 percent world population will be using mobile phones. The users combine both consumers and business. also informs that roughly 90.1 percent online population will be accessing the internet from their mobile phone. Statista study on Mobile Apps download also shows that estimated 268.69 billion Mobile Apps will be downloaded by 2017.

Mobile technology has completely transformed the entire business. It has also vastly improved business communication and changed the way businesses are conducted. Mobile Apps have become the best tool for faster business growth and promotion. They are also an ideal platform to showcase company products worldwide and attract customers. These devices also facilitate Businesses to connect with their customers any day any time on a deeper level. Such communications help businesses in better customer interaction and cordial business relationship.

Smartphone devices have also become an important revenue generation tool for apps providers and developers. According to Statista, app revenue was estimated $ 41.1 billion in 2015, and it is projected to reach $ 268.69 billion in 2017.  

However, only development of an App is not enough to get users or Apps-related benefits. To make your App click, you need proper marketing plans because without effective marketing strategies; there will not be any taker for your device. It will lie in a corner and die without any user’s response. It will also not serve the purpose for which it was created. You must understand that your device is a tool that helps you come closer to your audience and interact with them, understand their wants and requirements, and satisfy their demands and queries. You also expose your brand and business to them. All these reasons make it necessary that you must devise a marketing strategy because a well-devised marketing plan not only gets you a large audience, but also popularize your device among users, and generate revenues for your business.

It is also vital to remember that development phase is also important in marketing process because users will only accept your device if it has compelling features and designs and it is fast to load. It must also be flawless, without any problems and complications.

Development Phase

The development process is also an important phase that can help you in your marketing process because all your marketing effort will be in vain if there are any defects or problem in the device.

When you place an App on the market, it must be flawless and tested for bugs. It must also be fast to load and easy to navigate. The device must have useful features and designs because if there is any complication in the device, the user will not download it, and once users reject your device, you will not get another chance to convince users again. You can avoid all these complications if you test your App for issues and bugs during the development stage and rectify them.

Once, you have tested and fully satisfied about the features, designs, functionality and other issues, you should devise an effective strategy to release and market your device.

Marketing includes three important phases, Pre-Release, Release, and Post Release.


Before releasing your App, you must devise a Pre-Release strategy. This phase requires engaging users and making them aware of your App.  Your strategy should include:

Landing Page – You must build a compelling and creative landing page to make users aware of your App’s features. Your page should arouse user’s interest and make them curious about your device. You should also link your page to video clips, documents, and visuals of App designs and features,

Social Media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are also an important platform to interact and let users know about your device.

Press Release – An effective Press release before launching is also the best way to reach media. It is also an announcement about your device to the general public.

User Engagement – You should start interaction with your target users long before launching of your device when the device is still in developmental phase. You can inform users about your App idea and what you intend to offer them. You can also get their views and suggestions that can help you improve your device to their tastes. They can be your ready customer when you release your device.

Public Relation is also vital for spreading news and ideas about your device. Reaching out to Tech bloggers and reporters can also be a useful way to spread your App features and its usefulness. If you have sufficient fund, you can even hire a public relation firm to spread your idea.

Keyword Optimization, App Store Optimization (ASO), Title Optimization, Icon Optimization, Screenshot Optimization, Correct Pricing, and Localization are other methods that can help you find and convert potential users to actual users.


Releasing is another important phase when you actually get an opportunity to showcase your device to your target and general users and inform the audience about detail features and values of your apps. In this respect, Public Relation plays a vital role in circulating your App release information among concerned people and users.  You can use social media to apprise visitors and followers about your App release, and contact tech bloggers, journalists, tech writers, tech consultants, and other concerned people, who can write, and give their opinion, views, and reviews on your Apps.

You must also write a Press release announcing the launching of your device. General public and users will get an opportunity to know more about designs and features through your PR. Your Press Release should also inform users why they should download your device and how your device will be useful to them and deliver values.    

Post Release

Once your App is released, your marketing strategies must be to engage users, expand their base, and retain these users. Your first priority in this phase is to provide an error free app that is free of bugs, flawless, fast to load, and deliver values. You must understand that first impression is the last impression. If users find your app useful and flawless, they will download it. You can also regularly test and update your apps, and provide all Updates and other related information through Push Notifications because it is also one of the most efficient ways to engage and retain users.  

Social Media is another platform that can help you find your target users, and advertise your device. Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites are best sites for user engagement, and to get users views and comments.

You can also use Google’s AdMob, CPI campaigns; ads on Facebook , Cost Per Click, and other means to advertise and improve user base. Though these methods cost money, but they are also effective means to advertise your device to target users.

In-app analytics like Google Mobile App Analytics, Mixpanel, Flurry Analytics, Facebook Analytics for Apps, and Appsee can also help you track the performance of your app, measure users engagement, optimize users experience, and its impact on business.

These marketing tips can have a positive impact on your App marketing. You must also constantly test your device and provide updates to engage and retain users. Getting reviews will help you understand how your device is performing and how users are reacting to it. If there is any negative comment, you must immediately respond to it, but if the review is for any problem in the App, you must rectify it urgently before it effect user’s experience.

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Deepak vijay is Technical writer and content marketer in Syon Infomedia, a Custom Mobile Apps development Company. His long experience in the technical field and passion for writing can be seen in his writings that have large followers. He writes informative articles that are genuine and researched.

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