The Age Of DIY: Why It’s Never Been Easier To Set Up Your Own Business

For many years, the idea of breaking away from the humdrum of working life and starting your own business was little more than a pipe dream for most people. It seemed like the exclusive preserve of the very wealthy, leaving the rest of us to toil away at the bottom of the ladder. But thanks to incredible advances like the internet, things couldn’t be more different now. There’s never been a better time to follow your passions and create your own business. The sheer number of available services to make the entire process as simple as possible is honestly staggering. Here are just a few reasons why setting up your own business has never been easier.

Your website

There was a time when web design was something that you had to turn to expert programmers for. But now the gates are open and just about any startup can create beautiful, highly functional websites. Whether you need it to promote your business or you run an online store, there are services available to allow you to create a site that fits your personal needs without needing to know even the slightest bit of code. There are also thousands of tutorials online which can help you create the most effective and attractive website possible.


In the past, far too many businesses treated accounting like a burden to be put off until the last possible moment. The combination of disinterest and lack of specific knowledge meant that accounting was something that ended up being ignored for far too long. Of course, the issue there is that, as dull as it might be, accounting is an essential element to any business. Fortunately, there are now plenty of online accounting services like which can make the entire process far simpler and easier. Allowing you to deal with this important element of your business without diverting too much time and attention away from other things.


Marketing has traditionally been a pretty expensive pursuit. To create an effective marketing campaign, you needed to hire billboards, ad space, and TV air time, but the internet has turned the entire marketing world onto its head. Now, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, businesses can use word-of-mouth and viral marketing to push their business into the orbit of new customers. Now, rather than spending huge amounts of money on marketing strategies, you simply need to create high-quality content that your customers will engage with and want to share.

Of course, even with all of these incredible advances, running a business is still an extremely challenging endeavor that will require a great deal of time, effort and commitment. But hopefully, you’ve seen that, despite that, it’s something that is absolutely achievable. So if you’ve always had a dream of being your own boss, or you’ve got an idea that you think could change the world, there’s no reason not to get out there and make it happen.

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