The 5 Things Customers Hate About Small Businesses

Customers don’t care whether you’ve got a small business or a multinational company. They want to be served in the best possible way by your team. While size doesn’t matter in the slightest when you deliver a service or sell a product, there is no denying that small businesses tend to share a lot of mistakes. In fact, small businesses have so much in common that customers have listed the five recurring errors they hate.

#1. They don’t accept all standard payment methods

If you think that just because you’ve got a small shop, you can’t accept credit cards, it’s time to check the small business payment processing options available. Most customers tend to pay by card or using smartphone wallets when they are in town. Having the possibility to accept cards means that you don’t have to turn down customers or ask them to visit the nearest ATM before handling their purchase. Less than 1 in 5 customers is willing to come back with cash — protect your business with secure card payment devices.

#2. Their online content is not engaging

We get it: It’s tricky to get exciting content when you run a small business. You produce a newsletter once a month, and it doesn’t have a high CTR. Maybe it’s time to show the true face of your business and run a vlog for your customers. Naturally, you will need to invest in a decent video camera and a microphone, but these costs are not in vain. Users connect at an emotional level with video content and can develop a closer relationship with your business. Show your face and share your work online!

#3. They don’t take the time to be friendly

We all have bad days. It can be challenging to smile to your customers when you just want a quiet day. But a smile and a thank you can make the difference between a returning customer and someone who will never buy anything from you again.  

#4. They’re hard to reach

Did you know that 50% of small businesses don’t have a website? If customers are lucky, they might get a printed business card with the mobile number of the business owner who answers the phone only during his or her lunch break every day. You may not be tech savvy or even available throughout the day, but you should keep a visible presence to help customers who have queries about your offering. A web presence with a contact form is all it takes to be easy to reach for customers.

#5. They love useless promotion gear

So you’ve got a small marketing budget that you spend on branded pens and mugs to give to your customers. Nobody cares about your promotional gear anymore. Most customers have already more than enough mugs in their kitchens — and they don’t need yours to clutter the cupboard. As for the pens… It’s 2017; nobody buys from a company just because they’ve received a free pen. Offer discounted prices and deals to loyal customers instead.

Old-fashioned, unfriendly, unpractical and dull, these are business descriptions that no business owner wants to hear. Shake the dusty business approach and give your customers the best of yourself!

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