The 4 Biggest Marketing Trends of 2018

New technologies and campaigns are developed daily. Companies who want to compete in their industry must develop or adopt the latest trends. To do so, update yourself on emerging tactics by reading the four biggest marketing trends of 2018.

Video Content

You only need to go onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to notice video content is dominating social media. It’s also one marketing tactic that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, as it is easily one of the most effective marketing tools for capturing attention and increasing engagement online.

The social media platforms have also readied themselves for a wave of video content from both individuals and businesses. For example, Facebook has introduced Live Video, 360-video and Lifestage, and users can now save the videos to watch or download them later. Instagram has also created Instagram stories and launched 60-second videos. So, if you want to develop a marketing campaign that stands out in 2018, it would be a smart decision to contact a professional video production company.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile traffic has recently surpassed desktop traffic, and will continue to do so throughout 2018 and beyond. With 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and with 6 billion mobile devices set to be in circulation by 2020, companies must focus their attention on developing marketing strategies to attract mobile users. For example, you should use accelerate mobile pages (AMP) to increase conversions on your landing pages and reduce your bounce rate. Google also gives priority to sites with an AMP. Investing in a mobile app will also be an intelligent decision, and you can launch a call to action button to generate additional conversions.

Personalized Content

Many social media users are becoming tired of generic ads appearing on their timeline. Platforms are therefore altering their algorithms to prevent inconveniencing their members. The updated algorithms will therefore only display personal ads or posts that are relevant to a user. So, if you want your advertising to reach your target audience, you must develop personalized ads that are applicable to the user.

Influencer Marketing

One way to create more personalized content could be to focus on influencer marketing, which can help you reach your key demographic by connecting with an influencer’s large following. Audiences are more likely to engage with an influencer, as they are people who have more authority and ability on a platform. Studies have also proven that 49% of Twitter users would rely on an influencer for a recommendation, and 94% of marketers who use it believe it is an effective strategy. It could, therefore, considerably boost your brand awareness, increase your reach and improve your conversions. While you might have to pay a significant amount of money for a promotion, you can receive a healthy return on investment.


Businesses wanting to succeed online must stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and online trends to adapt and develop. If you want to enjoy great success in 2018, consider creating powerful videos, targeting mobile users, creating personalized content and reaching out to key influencers in your industry.

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