18 Oct 2018

An insight into how the internet works

You use the internet all the time. You use it to send emails, post pictures on Instagram, watch YouTube videos, perform online background checks, etc. You’re even using it right now to read this article. But, you’re probably not aware of how it all works, and perhaps more importantly, why

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14 Sep 2018

How Technology Is Helping the Environment

There’s no getting around the fact that technology has been something of a disaster for the environment. It all began with the industrial revolution, which used up natural resources in highly inefficient ways, and which set a trend that lasted well more than a hundred years. But if primitive technology

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29 Aug 2018

The elderly population and their approach to technology

Some elderly people are more tech-savvy when it comes to others — they have smartphones, know how to Skype and have their own Facebook profiles. But, does it depend on what country you live in as to whether the older locals have a grip on the latest technology? Technology usage

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18 Aug 2018

How have men’s fashion and wearable tech come together?

New innovations are announced daily — some are designed to make our lives easier and others to help us monitor what we do each day. And, with the latest developments, we don’t need to carry around our favourite gadgets by hand — many of them are now wearable. In 2016,

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31 Jul 2018

Updating the high street: in-store tech

Online shopping allowed consumers to browse and buy without having to deal with the noise and bustle of the high street. For many, it was a godsend — except for the high street. Physical retailers saw footfall decrease as the online shopping centres attracted customers with digital-only deals and convenience.

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