28 Nov 2018

The Future of Virtual Reality Is Wireless

The virtual reality world has had a remarkable growth over the course of 2018. This year marked a turning point for the technology which has been asserting itself in various industries. Over the course of the year, many new VR technologies have been tested and the plans for the coming

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14 Nov 2018

Detailing the New Technology That Border Control Forces are Getting to Grips With

A country or a bloc of countries will take their border controls very seriously, due to the measures enabling nations to regulate the movement of people, goods and animals. Here, we check out some of the new pieces of technology that is helping border control forces to perform their incredibly

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01 Nov 2018

The role of technology in preserving museum artefacts

If you’ve ever visited a museum or art gallery, you will know that the items you are viewing could be hundreds, thousands or even millions of years old. These ancient artefacts are they key to unlocking the history of our wold and in order to keep them safe for future

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30 Oct 2018

Business Technology: Creating A “Switched On” Company Strategy

Technology has played a key part in the world of business for the past few decades, but the hardware and software both continue to evolve rapidly. In turn, businesses continue to utilise new technological solutions with each passing year. This is about more than replacing clunky computer monitors with sleek

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27 Oct 2018

No Need For Film School! The Essential Tech For Budding Movie Makers

If you’re looking at gifts for your significant other, or for someone in your family who is the next budding Kubrick, Spielberg or Kathryn Bigelow, there is an abundance of tools out there to get them on the road to self-sufficient filmmaking. It seems that, nowadays, there is absolutely no

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