Succeeding in the worldwide property market

Property investment is increasingly seen as a practical way to put money to work and provide long-term financial security. With the US market still slow, more and more people are looking into the option of investing in property abroad. If this is an idea that you find tempting, what do you need to do to make it a success?

Why invest abroad?

There are many good reasons to consider international real estate investment. If you’ve ever invested in shares, you may have been advised to split your holdings across different national economies in order to reduce the risk posed by slumps and crashes. With property, this still holds true, but the only way you can do it is to have your physical assets in other countries. Looking at different markets means you can find deals not available in the US, and your money will quite often go a lot further if you’re investing in a less developed country. Finally, a property abroad, which provides you with rental income now, could one day become your dream retirement home.

Finding the right markets

As with any other asset, finding the right place to invest means you’ll have to study the markets, but where property is concerned they usually move more slowly. It’s advisable to consider a country’s wider economic condition as well as what’s happening in its real estate market directly, as this will tell you what people who live there will be able to afford in rent and what they will be able to pay when you’re ready to sell.

Three great choices

The countries best to invest in are changing all the time, but these three present tempting opportunities and are well worth consideration:

  • Turkey – the pressure for decent quality homes in cities where many properties are under-developed means there is a host of opportunities here.
  • Italy – markets in Tuscany and along the Riviera are ripe for investment, with property values rising all the time and with vacation rentals worth a lot.
  • Brazil – with far too few homes in increasingly crowded cities, Brazil is offering some great incentives to foreign investors interested in developing land or restoring existing properties.

Get to know the winners

When you’ve found a particular country you want to invest in, it can be useful to talk to people who have already done so successfully in order to get advice. If you’re interested in Kuwait, for instance, you could connect to Fahad Al Rajaan, who has extensive experience of the markets there. As a former director of Ahli United Bank, he also understands the problems faced by new investors, and he has the intercultural skills to help you adjust to situations you may find confusing.

Foreign property investments are both challenging and exciting. They’ll give you the chance to broaden your understanding of the world and will change your perspectives. As well as having the potential to be financially lucrative, they’ll provide you with some fascinating experiences.

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