Steps You Need To Earn And Keep Your Customers Trust

The first step to building and keeping trust with your customers is earning it through good work. There’s no getting around that. You need to be worth their trust. But that alone isn’t always going to win it. Instead, you need to take extra steps. You need to reassure, to listen and to integrate what they’re saying. Customer trust and loyalty is crucial to any business’s survival, so here’s how you get it.

Honesty is the best policy

All your practices can be above board, but if you’re not operating a transparent business, your customers won’t know what to assume about it. Some of the more cautious ones will immediately be suspicious. Allay those suspicions by being pro-actively honest. Own up to mistakes when they happen. Only sell what you can effectively deliver and live to your word. If you have clear, defined goals or a motivation behind your business, make it the cornerstone of your marketing. For example, if your goal genuinely is to solve customer problems, then market it. Make sure that any messaging you put out is consistent with your goals and capabilities. Don’t tell white lies for marketing purposes.

Ask for feedback

You want people to trust that you’re genuinely trying to provide the best service or products you can? Ask them what’s wrong with it currently. Don’t just get in touch for testimonials in emails or go review fishing. Make the process public. Ask them how to make your company easier to do business with. Not every response you get back will be right or practical. But if you can identify those that are, start working on them. Create a case study of how you listened to feedback and implemented it. Then make that case study public, even part of your marketing. This shows customers that you are genuinely listening, not just playing at it. The kind of good will from that effort alone will win many over.

Ensure safety

Nowadays, a lot of concerns with business are about the safety of them. Particularly online. For example, if people are using an ecommerce site, they will carefully consider which businesses they use. They won’t give those details out to just anyone. If you’re not one of the bigger, older businesses, you might not have earned that trust. So having a third party to vouch for the security of a customer’s data can help convince them of that data’s safety. Consider a data center audit from an impartial professional. It can help you gain real certification that you can display and market as a strength of your company. More importantly, it helps you ensure that your business and your customer’s data really is safe.

Be honest and as open as you can with your customers. Ask them for feedback, show you’re listening and even implement when a customer spots something that needs fixing. Use independent third parties to verify your trustworthiness. If a customer knows they can trust a business, they’re a lot more likely to keep coming back to them. You need to work to keep that trust.

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