Smart Recruitment Tips for Tech Startups

In a previous article, we talked about 4 ways people in tech can boost their careers. With tech being one of the fastest-growing industries in 2017 – and will remain as one of the fastest-growing in 2018 – there are more great positions and plenty of career opportunities to pursue nonetheless.

For tech startups and companies in this industry, recruiting the best candidates is one of the biggest challenges to overcome this year. That is why in this article, we are going to look at the other side of the equation and see how tech startups can find the best candidates for key roles in the company.

Look for In-House Candidates

The first place to search for top candidates when you’re trying to fill mid- to top-level management positions is within the company itself. A lot of employees have the potentials and the skills needed to fill key roles in the company. On top of that, they are already accustomed to the company’s values and cultures.

Searching for top candidates in-house also brings a number of extra benefits. For starters, you can fill important positions more quickly. You also save on hiring and training costs, since you can now focus on filling the lower positions left by promoted employees.

Go Social

The best thing about searching for talents today is that you don’t have to rely on conventional means to find them. Social media sites, particularly platforms such as Linked In, are filled with potential candidates you can approach if you’re looking to expand your startup.

Since social media is also filled with posts from the candidates you’re looking into, you also have the opportunity to get to know them better based on their content. Social media posts are not to be used as the sole metric when hiring new employees, but they are useful for initial screenings and other purposes.

Move Quickly

It used to be okay to extend the hiring process to more than 4 weeks; after all, it takes time to screen through candidates and make a decision. Today, however, not giving candidates an answer within the first 3 weeks often leads to you losing the opportunity to have the best people on your team.

Great candidates are in high demand. As mentioned before, a lot of tech startups are expanding their operations, which means they too are looking for top people to join their ranks. To get the best people, you need to move quickly.

Refine Your Process

If you’re relatively new to recruitment and hiring, there is nothing wrong with learning about the process before starting your recruitment cycle. Websites such as Job Application World provide insights to candidates and future employers as well as businesses trying to connect with the right candidates.

Know the questions to ask in an interview, understand the traits and qualifications you find important when screening candidates, and make sure you streamline the recruitment process to allow for fast hiring. Use the tips we covered in this article to find and recruit the best people that will take your tech startup to the next level and beyond.

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