Six Things You Must Do Before Working With Freelancers

Hiring freelancers to do work for your company can be a lucrative prospect. You’re obviously not required to hire them on a long-term basis, saving your finances in the long run. But, before you go searching the web for any old freelancer you can find, you need to hold back. There are a few important rules that must be established before you get started.

Legal Matters

Firstly, you need to be under no assumptions that hiring a freelance contractor is the same as hiring a full-time member of staff. The law is different, and you’ll need to adhere to it correctly if you don’t want to get in trouble later on. If you’re unaware, consult law experts with a view to getting this process correct. Then, you can start focusing on hiring your talent without needing to worry.

Payment Matters

The next step is payment, and this is something you’ll need to think about carefully. It’s possible to find freelancers by offering the lowest amount you can think of, but you’re unlikely to benefit. Those who possess talent won’t lower themselves to small payments, leaving you with a potentially poor candidate. And, keep in mind that you’ll need to arrange payment correctly, requesting invoices from freelancers in a timely manner. You might then issue Intuit checks, containing all the relevant information they require.

Where To Find Them

Freelancers can be found across the web and beyond, but the sources you seek will affect the quality of candidate. Knowing how to make your job offers visible on online job boards, social media and much more is key. So, get a better idea of how the internet operates in relation to freelancers before you go offering any quick deals.

Ask For References

Just because the person in question isn’t working for you full-time, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for references. You never just know if you’re going to waste money by hiring a candidate that disappears or fails to produce the goods. Alternatively, implement a trial-based scheme before you bring them on board fully. But, if you ignore the process entirely, you’re playing a risky game.


The amount of experience possessed by any freelancer is a window into their world. It gives you a reason to offer them your trust, particularly if they’ve worked for big-name companies. You should always ask for samples of their work or a portfolio. The more proof you can obtain that this person has done good work in the past; the more likely they are to suit the role.


Keep in mind that communication can be difficult when working with freelancers, especially if they never visit in person. You’ll need to establish a communication policy in order to stay up to date. This can be done in a variety of ways, from phone contact to Slack groups. Be sure the person in question is aware of this before they get started to prevent any unforeseen issues.

OK, you’re now almost ready to get started with hiring your first freelancer. Good luck!

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