Should You Relocate Your Employees? Here Are The Important Questions To Ask

There is nothing better than being awarded promoting your employees. They will get a salary rise and will be able to enjoy a lot of other benefits in their job! And that will make them a lot more motivated! But what happens if the promotion comes with a catch? A catch that involves them moving abroad to work in a foreign office? There can be many advantages of moving employees abroad. And many companies use promotions as a way to tempt them away from home.

Relocating for a job is a big question to ask of employees. And all employees know this. Which is why many businesses offer their employees generous relocation packages when they need to abroad. There are lots to consider when you are wondering about relocating your employees. Not sure if this is the right route for your company? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to find out!

What Exactly Are The Relocation Benefits?

You need to know exactly what your employees will get in the relocation package. Is this enough to tempt them abroad? All of these various benefits may seem great at first, but are they really enough to persuade them to move? Many companies offer expenses to help employees with the moving costs. If possible, you need to try and cover all of the various costs that they will be faced with during the move. Plus a few extras wherever possible, like extra days off to visit home. This way, they won’t end up out of pocket by relocating. But the benefits in the relocation package shouldn’t only be monetary. First of all, as this is a promotion, you should ensure that the new role will provide the employees with plenty of new responsibilities. At the end of the day, there isn’t much point in moving for a job that is exactly like their current one. There are also some perks that most relocation packages should include. They normally offer to cover their employees’ health care in the new country. They should also offer plenty of extra paid vacation days so that employees are able to visit home at least once a year. And finally, what about the spouse and family? Ideally, you need to provide for them as well. That way, the whole family is able to afford the big move and no one gets left behind.

Will The Employees Get On With Their New Boss?

Once they have moved to a different office, your employees will probably have a new manager or supervisor to deal with. As they already work in the company, they might have a good idea of who this will be, and what they are like. Do you think they will be able to get on with each other and work as a team? If you think that there may be some friction or you may have a strained relationship, you should see whether it is possible to send someone else. Have a word with the other managers in the company about this situation. They might be able to help you come up with a situation. If an employee is faced with moving to work with someone who they do not like, they may not accept the promotion. No matter how good the relocation package is, there is no point moving if they are not going to enjoy their time working with a new boss. If they do decide to take the job, these tips should help them deal with their new boss:  

Can They Visit Your New Country Before You Move?

Can you afford to send them to the new country for a couple of weeks? This gives them a chance to scope the place out. This is especially important if they have never visited before. You should encourage them to take a trip to the destination with Their whole family. After all, they will all be relocating together Instead of enjoying a holiday, they should spend the time as if they were already an expat living in the city. This will give them a chance to see the place without any rose-tinted glasses we often get on holiday. If possible, chat to some current expats who already live there. This will give you lots of tips you can give them before they leave. The more employees know about their new country, the more likely they will be to accept the promotion!

Does The Foreign Wage Reflect Living Costs?

The cost of living isn’t the same in every country. Does your new wage reflect the change in living costs? Your employee will still need to work out their finances and see if their family can really afford to live in a new country. One thing that could also affect their decision is the fact that their spouse may not be allowed to work at first. This all depends on the country’s specific visa and immigration regulations, but it is something that they will need to take into account. One of the main things you need to figure out is whether your wage covers the costs of living. Such as groceries and health care. If your employee can afford all these and still have money left at the end of the month, then the financial side of relocating shouldn’t be an issue.

What About Housing?

Sometimes, employees are only required to relocate for a short period such as a year or two. If this is the deal that you are offering, then housing shouldn’t be too much of a problem. That’s because your employee will be able to easily find a temporary place to rent. However, things could get tricky if they want to buy. So when you offer your employee the promotion, be sure to provide them plenty of information relating to the property market in their new destination. Do they have a property to sell before they move? Suggest they rent it out while they are abroad for an extra monthly income. This will also provide them with extra funds for the move. And what about all your belongings and furniture? This all depends on your employee’s personal preference and budget. Some people choose to sell everything and buy new things once they arrive at their destination. However, quite a few families choose to ship their large furniture and bulky items. You can do this by hiring a shipping container: Most companies like to offer their employees some money to help support them with this moving cost. Are you sure you can afford this extra cost when relocating employees?

Have You Considered The Kids?

If your employee is moving with a family, you need to make sure that their kids are okay to move with them. If there are any visa issues that restrict children moving as well, your employee may not be too keen in taking the promotion. One thing that many companies find is that their employees don’t want to relocate straight away when the promotion arises. If they have children, many prefer to wait to move until the new school year begins in September. Can you afford to wait until then? You might have to. Otherwise, your employees who have families may not be willing to relocate at all.

What About The Spouse?

Some countries’ immigration policies restrict spouses from working if they move on their spouse’s work visa. If this is the case, you need to make sure that your employees partner is okay with this situation. If he or she is currently in full-time employment, this will be a big change for them to deal with. Not only will they have to settle into a new country, but they will also have to adjust to not working! He or she might struggle to fill their days. This is something you will need to bear in mind when asking employees to relocate. If your employee’s spouse is not willing to relocate, then they may turn down your promotion.

Is There A Suitable Expat Community

If you are sending your employees to a country that does not have much of an expat community, they may struggle to settle in. That’s because they could find it difficult to make friends. Therefore, try and send employees to country that are known as being good destinations for expats. Once they are there, they will have plenty of expat groups and clubs to join. These are great social opportunities, and they will also provide your employee with a vital support network.

Will They Need To Learn A Language?

There might be a language barrier once the employee relocates. Even if this doesn’t apply in their working life, they may still struggle in their day-to-day life. In most European cities, they can expect the majority of people to be able to speak English. Even so, it could be a good idea for them to learn a bit of the language before they leave home. In this case, most employees offer to pay their employees through a language course. Is this something you can afford?

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