Secure Yourself and Your Servers from Online Crime

Online crime is just as, if not more, rife than ‘real world’ crime in this day and age. Quite frankly, the reason for this is because it suits criminals down to the ground: it is a way for them to get money in a lazy way. Instead of going out and earning the money cleanly and respectably, they choose to go out and extort it from those that do. However, moaning about online criminals, and criminals in general, inset going to stop them from doing what they — stopping them is going to stop them.

First of all, a way to stop criminals getting to you in the first place is to completely ignore the carrots they dangle your way in an attempt to get your attention by way of what is known as clickbait. Certain links may look appealing to you because of the fact they look like genuine things that you need, or that they look like links you would usually click on. For example, there has been a rise in the number of illegitimate emails containing bogus links sent out by criminals pretending to be Apple in an attempt to grab your personal information, such as bank details. To stop this from happening you should never click on links in emails you don’t trust 100%, or even click on the email in the first place if that is an option. You should follow your gut on this one, but to help you most companies will offer a statement as to how you can spot the real from the fakes and this is something that Apple themselves have done. If you have an iTunes Store account, then you should definitely give this statement a read. Similarly, if you ever find yourself wanting to do a bit of online shopping, you should make sure the website you buying from is genuine and not bogus. To do so you should check for customer reviews — some advice would be that if there aren’t any, then you shouldn’t go through with the transaction. Check here for more advice on secure online transactions.

But it doesn’t have to all be down to your own initiative and consciences decisions when it comes to remaining safe and secure online: you can seek the help of services to help you combat online criminality. For instance, the MonsterCloud ransomware removal company will assist you in removing ransomware and restoring encrypted files so that you don’t have to tackle malicious malware alone. Making sure you have the most up-to-date versions of protective software is pivotal in making sure you don’t find yourself in a position of being held to ransom by criminals, or to get yourself out of the situation if you are. And if you are, or have been, you should always report any instances or experiences you have in regards to online criminality. If have ever been a victim of online fraud, make sure to contact the correct authorities — you can so by filing a report online with the IC3. Although it may be too late for you, you can help prevent it happening to somebody else by highlighting the fraudulent and activity. In doing so, you may also bring those responsible to justice.

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